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MTech is your Ohio, Michigan and Western PA Authorized CUES Dealer for sewer/pipeline inspection technology and the the largest CUES dealer in the world.

Our Premium Products and Superior Services

To provide you with a wide range of quality products, MTech partners with only the most trusted manufacturers. Many of them are global leaders, with the skills and equipment necessary to improve productivity, minimize downtime and help accomplish specialized tasks.

Cues LAMPII Lateral Launcher

LAMPII, the Cues lateral launch inspection camera, is a self-propelled CCTV tool for identifying inflows, infiltration, pipe defects, crossbores and other structural conditions.

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Cues MPlus+ Push Camera

The Cues MPlus+ is one of the most feature-packed and flexible lateral and mini-mainline push systems on the market. It has a modular design and all-in-one setup for easy, quick and versatile operation.

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Ridgid SeeSnake Push Cameras

The Rigid SeeSnake is a Ridgid push camera that uses TruSense technology for plumbing diagnostics. TruSense works by creating a two-way data path between the camera and the WiFi-enabled monitor.

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Cues Pearpoint flexiprobe C540c

The flexiprobe C540c can create reports, stream video to your devices and perform fast, intuitive inspection. It is available with a range of reel options and high-resolution camera choices.

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Why MTech?

For decades, MTech has been committed to providing reliable, long-lasting sewer, street and safety equipment. From sewer inspection cameras to street sweepers and vacuum trucks, our products can help you meet your goals and avoid downtime with a wide array of robust and efficient machinery.

In addition to sales, we also have the resources to help you make the most of your equipment, superior services from our MTech shop in Cleveland, Ohio, plus training courses for continuing education requirements under many state jurisdictions.

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Whether you need a crossbore inspection camera or push camera, turn to MTech for Cues lateral and mainline inspection systems. In addition to high-quality Cues products, we provide fast and thorough on-site service for your support and delivery needs.

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