Authorized Dealers of The World's Best Sewer Inspection Equipment

MTech is Ohio and Michigan's Authorized CUES Dealer for sewer / pipeline inspection technology .

We believe that CUES manufactures the most rugged and reliable pipeline inspection/rehabilitation equipment in the industry. We've been a CUES partner for sewer inspection equipment and manhole inspection equipment for years.

CUES is the standard in innovative pipeline inspection technology for your sewer, wastewater and stormwater needs.

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CUES Sewer Inspection Equipment from MTech

CUES SPiDER is a revolutionary portable 3D wireless manhole scanning technology.
The self-propelled, robust LAMPII is a CCTV pipeline inspection tool for identifying infiltration in lateral services and mainlines.
Portable, modular pipeline inspection – designed with you in mind.

Why We're a CUES Dealer

CUES products perform more reliably than every other industry competitor
CUES customer service is proven, prompt and dedicated to satisfaction
CUES products offer the versatility customers require
CUES inspection vehicles are high quality and vastly customizable