Authorized Dealers of The World's Most Advanced Vacuum Trucks and Sewer Trucks

MTech is Ohio's Authorized GapVax Dealer.

We believe in the enduring quality of a service vehicle, whether it be through regular, low-cost maintenance or tried-and-true rugged durability.

GapVax Vacuum and Sewer Trucks are some of the world's most advanced service vehicles for catch basin cleaning, hydro excavation and sewer cleaning.

We stand by the GapVax brand as the best-in-class when it comes to vacuum trucks and sewer trucks.

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GapVax Vacuum Trucks and Sewer Trucks from MTech


GapVax MC Series

The GapVax MC Series contains Combination Trucks designed for for catch basin cleaning, hydro excavating, and sewer cleaning.

GapVax VHE Series

The GapVax VHE Series contains long-lasting, user-friendly Hydro Excavators.

GapVax HV Series

The GapVax HV series includes Wet/Dry Vacuum models with superior filtration and low maintenance cost.

Why We're a GapVax Dealer

GapVax completely customizes their trucks.
Customer service at GapVax is unbeatable.
GapVax has the best rust/corrosion resistance among sewer trucks.
The best materials are used to produce each GapVax vehicle.
GapVax maintenance is uncomplicated, low-cost and preventative.