Cues Portable Inspection Systems

Cues MarK3

Cues Pearpoint flexitrax C550c

Cues C550c Hunter Mini Base Station

Cues K2 Wireless Base Station

Portable Sewer Inspection Systems

If you’re looking for a transportable sewer inspection system, turn to the Cues brand of products. As the exclusive Cues dealer in Ohio and Michigan, MTech has a comprehensive selection of Cues portable inspection systems so you can get the job done from any location.

Cues MARK3

The MARK3 is a crossover system for complementary mainline work, easement/off-road work and inspection for 6″ to 72″ pipelines. It is compact and easy to mount on smaller vehicles such as trailers, vans and ATVs, and it fills the void between traditional and portable vehicle-mounted systems. 

MARK3 is also compatible with the Cues side-scanning DUC camera and GraniteNet asset condition assessment and inspection software. It can operate 1,000′ of multi-conductor cable and uses automatic-payout to retrieve cable. Highly compact for increased portability, you can easily take the MARK3 with you to any location.

Cues C550c HUNTER Mini Base Station

The C550c HUNTER base station comes fully equipped with a wide range of features, including:

  • Aluminum, weatherproof enclosure to protect against water and sun damage
  • Three available interchangeable cameras and two crawlers designed to handle the toughest sub-surface conditions
  • Powered or manual reel with as much as 1,000′ of cable
  • Built-in storage
  • User-friendly controls

This station is designed to inspect pipes from relined 6″ to 60″ using the Cues C550c system.

Cues Pearpoint flexitrax™ C550c

The flexitrax™ C550c system is ideal for inspecting water, drainage and plumbing networks with fast reporting capabilities. With its modular design, affordable price point, and comprehensive packages, it is the perfect system to enter the world of mainline sewer inspection.

The C550c is easy to operate and requires minimal training so you can stay focused on the pipe inspection. It has enough battery power for a full day’s use and 128 GB of solid state memory for over 90 hours of video recording. You can readily transport the C550c and wheel it through rugged conditions to reach areas beyond the range of your vehicle. 

K2 Wireless Base Station

The K2 wireless base station is designed with advanced technology for enhanced capabilities and convenience. You can wirelessly control all camera, transporter and reel functions, and the cameras and transporters can inspect 6″ to 200″ pipe. 

The station is covered with aluminum sheets and industrial-grade, weather-resistant paint for superior protection. Other features of the K2 wireless base station include:

  • Five-speed reel shifter
  • Built-in camera and transporter storage
  • Monitor for viewing inspections 
  • Up to 1,700′ of cable with auto-payout capabilities
  • Compatible with the Cues DUC digital side-scanning camera 

Request a Demo for Cues Portable Inspection Systems

MTech is proud to offer a complete line of Cues portable sewer inspection systems for all your needs. With their versatile and durable designs, these systems can withstand harsh conditions and provide access to otherwise hard-to-reach areas.

When you buy a Cues product from us, we provide on-site delivery and support services. For speedy response times, we offer 24/7 assistance so you can get the help you need at any time. To learn more about the Cues portable inspection systems we offer, schedule a demo today.