Municipal Sidewalk Tractors

Municipal Sidewalk Tractors

Experience the outstanding German-engineered Holder quality and reliability of Karcher’s Holder Municipal Sidewalk Tractors and Attachments, proudly offered by MTech. Since 1888, Holder tractors have set the standard for innovative engineering, delivering high-performance products for municipal and agricultural applications.

This equipment’s all-season versatility makes it a universal choice for municipalities, airports, property maintenance companies, private contractors, and numerous other industries. Its remarkable capability to function in a wide range of geographic settings-spanning bustling urban areas, expansive parking lots, winding bike paths, and vast agricultural fields-sets it apart.

What Sets Holder Municipal Sidewalk Tractors Apart from The Competition

Enhanced maneuverability is essential for handling tasks effectively. With its articulated steering, the Holder municipal sidewalk tractor is a prime example of productivity. Its hydraulic power steering allows you to maneuver tight spaces with minimal ground disturbance and provides effortless control.

  • Front and rear sections and their respective attachments follow the same trajectory.
  • Guarantees maneuverability, precision, direction stability, tight turning radius, and optimal power transmission.
  • Minimize the need for maneuvering and manual re-working, achieve precise edgework, ensure soil protection, and minimize tire wear.

Ideal for year-round use with 45 high-performance attachments.

These tractors offer unmatched versatility and cost-effectiveness for a wide range of demanding tasks year-round, from winter maintenance to landscaping and lawn care. With three quick-change attachment areas, these tractors unlock endless possibilities, providing safer, more adaptable working conditions and boosting productivity.

  • The third attachment area located above the engine compartment allows for the use of attachments such as debris collection, water tanks, dump bodies, vacuum sweepers, and more.
  • Ideal for clearing snow, spraying, watering, mowing, and sweeping.
  • Front power lift.
  • Requires only one person to install attachments.
  • Achieve superior driving dynamics and enhanced safety with the ultra-low rear section, delivering a lower center of gravity for optimal performance in various scenerios.
  • Storage stands streamline attachment changes.
  • Towing is possible using a 1.96″ ball coupling.
  • Experience the assurance of constant ground contact for all four wheels, even on inclines, uneven terrain, or when navigating obstacles.
  • Improved safety when navigating inclines such as hills, maneuvering over curbs, and using large attachments with a high center of gravity. Enjoy minimized rolling movements for a smoother drive.

Step into luxury, comfort, and efficiency – with the ROPS Comfort Cab, enjoy impeccable visibility and unparalleled comfort. Whether in the single or two-person cab, you’ll benefit from 360° visibility and an integrated heating and air-conditioning system. The air-sprung, heated comfort seat, and adjustable armrest ensure the ideal conditions for extended workdays. Here are some additional features:

  • Largest amounts of headroom and legroom in its class
  • 12V sockets for electric devices and 2x USB ports
  • Sliding window on the right and left with additional storage options
  • Adjustable steering column
  • Perfect airflow for air conditioning and heater
  • Insulated glazing
  • Rear-view camera

The mechanical PTO shaft features a direct, low-loss drive shaft, making it one of the most robust articulated control arms available. With attachments that require high power consumption, the PTO shaft enables these accessories to operate efficiently. Thanks to the highly effective mechanical PTO shaft, you can achieve maximum performance and flexibility.

  • Ensures high efficiency and constant power transmission to the attachments.
  • Capability to add large and heavy attachments.
  • Lower heat input into the hydraulic allows for longer work intervals.
  • Lower fuel consumption.
  • Guarantees consistent power distribution to both axles, even in the most extreme conditions.
  • Optimum traction with reduced risk of accidents.
  • Differential lock can be activated at any time via a toggle switch.
  • Experience the ergonomic design for seamless device operation.
  • Quick and precise access to all essential functions.

Experience optimal traction at all times with the permanent hydraulic all-wheel drive and traction control system. Gain an unprecedented level of control and feel empowered to take charge of your work.

  • Ensures optimum power distribution on all four wheels.
  • Maximum torque even on difficult terrain.
  • Supreme traction capability.
  • High climbing ability.
  • Increased soil protection.
  • The weight of the attachments can be transferred to the entire vehicle seamlessly.
  • Hydraulic controls ensure that the composition of the soil is maintained.
  • Increased traction while working. (e.g., on slippery surfaces)
  • Less strain on attachments.
  • Increased stability when turning on inclines such as a hillside.

Less fuel consumption, more power.

  • PowerDrive offers 40% more towing power and 50% greater climbing capability due to its strong wheel motors.
  • In transport mode, the torque of the wheel motors is reduced by half, and the rear axle is deactivated to achieve maximum driving speed at a much lower engine speed. This generates fuel savings in excess of 30%.
  • Experience seamless transitions between all-wheel drive and two-wheel drive, as well as full and half-wheel motor displacement – all automatically. This allows you to maintain complete focus on the road or your specific application.
  • Includes four-wheel brake system for increased safety.

Experience seamless traction with our innovative features.

  • Utilize automotive driving via foot pedal in transport mode.
  • Enjoy precise speed control through the rotary potentiometer in work mode.
  • Alternatively, opt for speed control via the foot pedal at a constant PTO shaft speed with our SDS traction drive.
  • Ensure optimal hydraulic performance by leveraging front device weight to act on the accumulator while driving.
  • Experience unparalleled comfort as our system effectively reduces vibrations and stabilizes vehicle movements on both uneven roads and at high speeds, providing an exceptional driving experience for you.
  • Ensure full protection for the tractor when working or driving with heavy attachments.
  • PowerDrive has 40% more towing power and 50% more climbing capability than regular all-wheel drives.
  • Better climbing capability.
  • Increased towing power.
  • Improved comfort while driving and working.


  • Perfect for compact urban areas.
  • Three easy change attachment areas make it simple to clear snow and debris in downtown areas, bike paths, and parking lots.
  • Experience the most eco-friendly option with low exhaust emissions.
  • Achieve maximum savings with minimal fuel consumption.
  • Simple and easy-to-learn operations.
  • With 65 HP, you’ll have all the power you need without needing DEF.
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  • Designed for more spacious suburban areas.
  • Three easy change attachment areas make it simple to clear snow and debris in downtown/shopping areas, bike paths, and parking lots.
  • Powerful enough for expansive landscapes, yet gentle on the pavement.
  • With its outstanding climbing ability, maneuverability, and high area performance, this equipment is ideally suited to handle a wide range of location types and conditions.
  • With 74 HP, you’ll have all the power you need without needing DEF.
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  • Designed to conquer vast rural areas with challenging terrain.
  • Conquers off-road terrain effortlessly.
  • Unrivaled with 101-129 HP, these tractors are the ultimate solution for efficiently managing large areas.
  • Unlock seamless operation with a comprehensive system crafted with cutting-edge technology.
  • The Stepless Transmission enables dynamic force distribution between the front and rear axles, guaranteeing optimal power allocation across all four wheels.
  • 101 HP – 129 HP
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MIC 42

  • Constructed for demanding tasks and substantial payloads.
  • Ideal for maintaining urban green spaces and open areas, including water features and natural environments.
  • Lower fuel consumption protects the environment and lowers the operating costs.
  • With 42 HP, you’ll have all the power you need without needing DEF.
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Attachments For Every Application During Any Season

Discover the limitless possibilities with our Holder Municipal Sidewalk Tractor Attachment options. With over 130 attachments available, including snowplows, snow blowers, sweepers, dump bodies, mowers, water tanks, salt and sand spreaders, brine sprayers, rotary and flail mowers, scrubbers, and more, you can easily tackle any task throughout the year. From clearing snow to maintaining lawns and everything in between, these adaptable tractors are the ultimate solution for all your needs.

Winter Maintenance

When it comes to winter snow removal, nothing beats a Holder tractor. Ideal for blowing, plowing, and sweeping snow, it can also spread salt and disperse liquid brine quickly. With permanent four-wheel drive and intelligent load-limiting control, these compact tractors provide excellent traction and efficient snow removal in all weather conditions.

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Landscaping & Lawn Care

Designed to handle the demands of daily use, these tractors are equipped with landscaping and lawncare attachments to excel at maintaining municipal grounds and parks, as well as challenging grassy areas and rugged terrains.

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Sweeping & Cleaning

Don’t let sidewalk maintenance cease with the melting snow. In addition to clearing snow, sand, gravel and debris from sidewalks, bike lanes, and paths, the sweeping and cleaning attachments are perfect for clearing leaves and debris in parks, cemeteries, trails, and other areas where larger equipment is impractical. This effective combination guarantees seamless maintenance to uphold a clean and orderly environment, even in compact or delicate spaces.

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