Holder Municipal Sidewalk Tractors

Holder Municipal Sidewalk Tractors

MTech is proud to offer the German-engineered quality and reliability of Holder’s municipal sidewalk tractors and tractor attachments. Since 1888, Holder has stood for innovative engineering and has built high-performance products for use in municipal and agricultural applications.

Holder X 45i Tractor

The Holder X45i tractor is the most powerful in its class, with up to 44HP. It has a comfortable cabin with ergonomic controls, a rearview camera and a low noise level. It has two quick-change attachment points, so you can use multiple units at once. As far as driving goes, its low center of gravity, articulated steering and safety features make it easy to maneuver. Its high-quality X3 container can support tasks like mowing, sweeping and more with one hopper.

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Holder C 70 Tractors

With the Holder C 70, you get innovative features, excellent emissions performance and a comfortable drive. The cab is insulated, with an ergonomic console and heated seats for those cold winters. Equally sized wheels, articulated steering and four-wheel drive make it sturdy, easy to maneuver and able to traverse difficult surfaces. The C 70 comes in two models, one with a single-person cab and one with a two-person cab. 74 HP gives you plenty of power without the need for DEF.


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Holder S 75 Tractor

The Holder S 75 – powerful and pavement-friendly

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Holder S-Series Tractors

Holder S-Series Tractors

The S-series of Holder tractors is capable of performing many different tasks with its large selection of attachments and three independent hydraulic drives. Its maneuverability is top-notch, with a mechanical differential lock on both axles and a dual-drive system, along with the same four-wheel drive and articulated steering in other models. Like all Holder tractors, you’ll find a comfortable cab with features like air conditioning, seat heating and 360-degree visibility. The S-Series comes in a 100 HP or 130 HP model.

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Holder X 45i Attachments

The Holder X45i tractor is the most powerful in its class, with up to 44HP.

The X45i has attachments such as the following:

  • Sweeper
  • Snowplow
  • Salt and sand spreader
  • Brine sprayer
  • Pressure washer
  • Watering arm
  • Mower
  • Flatbed
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Holder C 70/S-Series Attachments

The S-series of Holder tractors is capable of performing many different tasks with its large selection of attachments and three independent hydraulic drives. The C-series and S-series of tractors open up your attachment options a bit more:

  • Snowplow
  • Snowblower
  • Dump body
  • Drop spreader
  • Broadcast spreaders and brine sprayer
  • Tri-deck mower
  • Rotary mower
  • Flail mower
  • Sweeper
  • Water tank
  • Water tank
  • Cold air turbine blower
  • Vacuum sweeper
  • Boom arm
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Types of Holder Municipal Sidewalk Tractors

Your needs will determine which tractor is best for you. Municipal sidewalk tractors work alongside varying attachments that you can swap out, so one vehicle can help you accomplish several different tasks.

How Are Holder Tractors Used?

One of the reasons Holder municipal sidewalk tractors are so popular is because they are so versatile. You’ll find them used throughout cities, airports, universities, housing complexes and any other business that needs a variety of high-powered tools. Our municipal sidewalk tractors for sale in Ohio, Michigan, and Western PA can be used for mowing, snow removal, watering and sweeping, among many other tasks.

Some of the places you’ll find them include:

  • Cities: Clean sidewalks and roads are a key indicator of a clean city and a very noticeable competitive factor. Removing leaves, snow and grime are all necessary tasks, and we have sidewalk tractors for sale that are up for the job.
  • Airports: Airports have a lot of wide, open spaces that need to be clear of snow, debris and water so planes can land and take off safely.
  • Campuses: A clean campus is an important part of making a good impression on potential students. You can keep plants watered, sidewalks clean and the grass mowed with one tool.
  • Apartments: Large apartment complexes can also use municipal tractors for tasks like mowing, cleaning and watering plants.

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