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GapVax produces the most dependable and operator-friendly csewer cleaning trucks and hydro excavating machines on the market. The company is a family-owned manufacturer located in Johnstown PA. They handle every aspect of the truck design and manufacturing process and only import chassis for production. Their machines are designed so well that they often outlive the chassis that they’re mounted on. If you buy from GapVax you’re buying a machine that was designed and built from the ground up by a company that began as an end-user. In other words, they’ve walked a mile in your boots and understand the needs of the industry.

Their flagship model is the MC Series which is a combo jetter/hydro-vac truck. They also feature the HV Series which is one of the most advanced Hydro-Excavating machines on the market also capable of air excavation. In addition, they carry a weight-conscious hydro-excavator, jetter trails and a recycle JetVac machine.

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Overall Benefits of the GapVax Product Line

When your company chooses GapVax, you’re buying a machine designed and built by a company that began life as an end user. GapVax’s experience of being in your shoes means that the brand knows what companies need and are looking for in a hydro excavator, sewer cleaner and vacuum truck.

Learn more about the benefits of working with GapVax vacuum trucks before you choose a model that’s right for your needs:

  • Dependability: GapVax produces the highest quality sewer trucks on the market. Their machines often outlive the chassis they’re mounted on which is a testament to the build quality, dependability and quality assurance of GapVax. The entire production process is taken care of in-house at GapVax’s facility except for the chassis bases which are produced by top brands such as Mack and Freightliner.
  • Ease of maintenance: You don’t want to spend hours maintaining or repairing your machines. GapVax’s MC Combination Sewer Cleaner trucks and VHE series hydro excavators offer ease of access to kunkle valves, pumps and cleanouts, streamlining the maintenance process.
  • Quality components: GapVax designs and builds lasting machines with durable materials like stainless steel. High-quality components, including intricate sedimentation and filtration systems, contribute to a longer life span and operator-first mentality.
  • Multiple options: You don’t need a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to operate all of GapVax’s machines. Depending on your requirements, you can choose a truck or trailer that doesn’t call for a CDL.
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GapVax Jetter and Vacuum Trucks

Combination sewer cleaning trucks are suited for projects in sewer cleaning, hydro-excavation, and catch basin cleaning as well as various industrial applications. They use high-pressure water to break up debris and a vacuum system to remove it. These efficient machines allow municipalities to complete more work in less time, resulting in cost savings. GapVax is well known in the industry for their high-performing JetVacs and hydro-excavators. Each element of these trucks is made with the best techniques and materials to provide many years of service life.

MTech is the exclusive dealer in Ohio and Michigan for GapVax combination cleaning, hydro-excavation, vacuum and jetter trucks.

GapVax Products

GapVax MC Series Traditional Combination JetVac

The GapVax MC Series combination sewer cleaning truck utilizes a smooth triplex jetter pump and high power PD vacuum blower to help keep your system clean. It is versatile enough that it can also be equipped with hydro-excavation technology as well. These trucks come standard with a 3/16″ stainless steel water tank with up to 2,000 gallons of water capacity. Both the water tank and debris body can be upgraded to 1/4″ stainless steel with a 20 year warranty. The debris body is top loading to achieve 100% usable capacity and also has a tailgate with a secure, fail-safe seal, and its build is low and sturdy to prevent tipping.

If your JetVac truck needs maintenance, inspecting the engine is as simple as unpinning and rotating the hose reel and lifting the hood. You don’t need to start the engine, which is convenient and safe for operators and mechanics. Other features built with workers in mind include tube trays for chest-level storage of up to 60′ of tubing and simple control systems for ease of operation.

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GapVax MC Series G2x Next Generation Combination JetVac

The GapVax G2x JetVac offers next-level quality and performance. One of its top features is its automatic tracking and logging for fuel, water and accumulated footage. This information and more is logged into the system and readable from the display screen at the front control box — an optional reading location in the cab is also available. It records:

  • Current, accumulated and total footage.
  • Peak pressure.
  • Fuel usage and rate.
  • Job card.
  • Average jetter pressure.
  • Total gallons used.
  • Date and time.

You can use its USB port to download this data in an Excel-friendly format for your records.

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GapVax GJet Jetter Truck

The GJet truck has all the jetting features of the MC Series but in an affordable model. Though it doesn’t have a vacuum, it is at the top of the class of jetter trucks. The hose is front-mounted on dual frame rails beyond the engine. This setup makes the reel extremely sturdy, keeps the operator safe and extends bearing life. This hose placement is easy to use, so you can spend more time getting the job done than setting up.

Inside the stainless steel water tank are baffles that prevent tipping when the tank is full. Tank sizes range from 1,000 to 3,000 gallons, so you can select the water-capacity-to-storage ratio that works best for you. Powering it all is the tri-plex water pump with multi-flow capabilities.

Operating the jetter truck is easy and safe with joystick and wireless controls. You can rotate the front hose reel from the inside of the cab to make setup faster.

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GapVax G7 Trailer Jetter

The G7 Jetter trailer is built to mirror the MC Series Combination Jetvac and will be easy for first-time operators and veterans alike to pick up and operate. Quality and dependability are also top factors for the G7 design just like every GapVax machine. The water tank has an option for a 300, 600 or 700-gallon capacity option and then is filtered through a 100-micron water filter. The trailer is able to be towed without a CDL and the machine is perfect for sewer/storm pipe cleaning without the vacuuming option available on larger machines such as the MC Series.

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GapVax VHE Series Wet Only Hydro-Excavator

The VHE hydro-excavation truck vacuum system is the ideal heavy-duty model with all the features you need and none that you don’t. It has a positive displacement pump and front or rear mounted telescopic boom with twin cylinders, and the debris goes into a top-loading tank with a low center of gravity to prevent tipping. Its tailgate opens fully for easy dumping and washout and features a lockable and adjustable hinge.

Though the VHE Series is made for a productive day on the job, it also includes features to benefit the operator. Its tool storage can hold vacuum tubes, water lances and hoses, and its design is ergonomic to prevent physical strain. With easy to access pumps, grease points, cleanouts and kunkle valves, maintenance is made simple for mechanics and cost-effective for the budget.

The water system consists of a stainless steel tank that can hold up to 2,000 gallons. It provides incredible pumping power at up to 20 GPM at up to 4,000 PSI. These specs offer the best-in-class performance for an unbeatable price.

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GapVax HV56, HV55, HV44 and HV33 Wet/Dry Hydro-Excavators

GapVax’s wet/dry excavators are both reliable and cost-effective for vacuuming debris that is wet, dry or both. Each model is made for heavy-duty jobs and comes with a rich feature set. These models vary according to their debris body capacity, water tank capacity and blower CFM, so you can choose the best fit for your application.

The main feature of the HV series is its cyclone filtration system. It will eliminate up to 90% of carryover to the baghouse and run 1,500 to 2,000 hours before a filter bag change is required. This efficiency reduces operator costs and is one of the most efficient systems on the market.

The HV series was designed by operators, for operators, which you’ll notice when you need to do maintenance on your HV series machine. Everything is easy to find and maintain for a setup that is easier for mechanics and your budget.

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GapVax HV57 Wet/Dry Vacuum Truck

The HV57 is an industrial vacuum truck with a high-power positive displacement pump powering its vacuum system. It uses wet/dry single-mode filtration for its top-loading debris tank to effectively filter the particles as they are vacuumed in. This model has a debris body of 17 cubic yards, so operators can work longer without dumping their load.

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GapVax Water Recycling JetVac

The water recycling JetVac is the result of a partnership with Wiedemann Enviro Tec of Germany. This company invented sewer cleaning trucks’ water recycling technology. This technology, with GapVax truck capabilities, provides customers with an efficient, eco-friendly sewer cleaning solution. There are few water recycling systems available today, and the GapVax Water Recycling JetVac is the only sewer cleaning product of its kind in the United States.

Because the system is designed for recycling sewer water, it handles grease well. No clogs mean no work time lost, which leads to cost savings. It hydro-excavates with ease, using the GapVax dig tube to tie the large hose reel and the extendable boom. This setup allows you to dig, pothole and locate from a distance with one operator at the belly pack. Plus, you can dig below grade with no extra tubes required.

The water recycling JetVac uses the Wiedemann touchscreen control system to take care of valve switching. This setup makes it easier for the operator to focus on their work. When it’s time to dump, the liquids go back into the sewer through the boom, and the solids stay in the debris body. The advantages of this design include mess-free dumping and light load weight for hauling.

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GapVax VHX Series Wet/Dry Hydro-Excavator

The brand new VHX Hydro-Excavator from GapVax is engineered with lightweight materials and new, ultra-efficient cyclones that provide a full road legal machine, even while 100% full of debris. The tank also has a 15,000 lb. payload capacity.

The VHX is built for hydro-excavation and incorporates an 8″ tube with 22′ of reach with a 15-degree downward angle. There are also numerous storage options and increased safety from balanced weight distribution.

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Why MTech?

MTech is proud to offer top service in addition to excellent products for our customers and we’ve been named the GapVax dealer of the year two years running! When you buy any of our GapVax products, you will have access to our phone support and on-site maintenance. Our experts will be available by phone 24/7 to resolve your product issues and software problems. You’ll also gain access to our on-site maintenance service, in which our team will travel to your location, no matter where you are, to repair your machine.

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The jetter and vacuum units for sale at MTech keep sewer systems clean to provide the best service. We have many GapVax products available for customers in Ohio and Michigan, all of which will deliver the performance and efficiency you need to get the job doneRequest a demo on our website today to see the power of a sewer cleaning or hydro-excavation truck for yourself. To learn more about our sewer cleaning equipment, contact our team.

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