Ampliroll Hooklift Systems

Ampliroll Hooklift Systems

Are you looking for a versatile solution for using and managing several truck body attachments in one? MTech can provide an advanced Ampliroll Hooklift System that lets you pick up, dump, transport and utilize a variety of truck body designs on one chassis. Hooklift systems can incorporate leaf vacuums, dump containers, wood chipping systems and more. You’ll increase productivity, save time and boost your organization’s bottom line.

Ampliroll Hooklift Systems Capabilities 

Ampliroll systems are available in multiple sizes and load capacities to meet any user’s requirements. Examples of available models and their capacities include:

All models include the latest vehicle-related advancements, logistics and maintenance technologies to optimize performance, enhance usability and reduce operating costs. The MTech team can help you evaluate each system and make the best choice based on your organization’s needs and budget.

Our Ampliroll Hooklift Systems

As the exclusive Ampliroll dealer in Ohio, Michigan, & Western Pennsylvania, MTech offers the complete line of these revolutionary hooklift systems. This advanced equipment consists of a truck chassis with a hook and jib system installed on the back end to enable vehicle operators and crews to swap various attachments on and off as needed.

These hooklift systems are ideal when handling containers for temporary or seasonal-use applications, such as fall leaf vacuuming or winter snow removal. You won’t need to dedicate a truck to year-round projects, freeing up resources and providing more fleet flexibility.

90 - 160 Series | 13,000 - 65,000 lbs

90 – 160 Series | 13,000 – 65,000 lbs


  • Sliding Jib
  • Twin Pivot
  • Dual Cylinders
  • Safely Operated
  • Dock Level Loading and Unloading
  • Double your Payload
  • Maneuverable to Operate
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  • The driver never leaves the cab…this saves time and is safer.
  • Maximum dump angle is almost 20% greater than conventional roll-offs.
  • The operator can pick-up or set-down a container at dock heights.
  • Container can be pushed and spotted more accurately, with no chance of damaging the container front.
  • Truck alignment is not necessary. The operator may approach from any angle within a 60 degree arc.
  • The Ampliroll® is virtually maintenance free.
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Examples of the features included with Ampliroll Hooklift Systems include:

  • A telescopic jib to ensure a perfect load distribution with all vehicle bodies.
  • A sturdy bent plate steel subframe and cross-members for maximum stability and durability.
  • A wide-open lifting hook that enables container loading from multiple positions.
  • A hinged main arm with a built-in mechanical locking mechanism to facilitate fast, safe container dumping.
  • Advanced hydraulic systems to ensure smooth, efficient operation.

Explained: Why high-pressure hook loaders are better than lower-pressure alternatives  

As the manufacturer of Ampliroll Hydraulic Hooklifts, we at Marrel are ready to clear up a common misconception regarding operating pressures among hook loaders. Before proceeding, here’s a word of background: As many in the industry know, Ampliroll products run at 4,500-5,000 PSI along with fully compatible piston pumps and actuators.

We didn’t pull this operating pressure out of a hat. It’s long been the standard for hooklifts in Europe. It’s proven itself in America, too. Fleet managers in the U.S. and Canada have relied on high-pressure hook loaders from Ampliroll for decades. They know that in all kinds of weather and every type of job, their performance and reliability come through—load after load, shift after shift.

Now you are being told (by some) that 4,500-5,000 PSI is too high.

To that claim, we respond that high-pressure systems like those used by Ampliroll are your best choice, and for several good reasons:

  • Fact: The higher the hydraulic system pressure (to a certain point), the more efficient it is in transmitting horsepower between two points. Advantage: Ampliroll.  
  • Fact: Using a higher pressure reduces the size of actuators needed to achieve certain force requirements. With higher pressures and smaller actuators, heat is reduced. This reduces fuel consumption and permits lower reservoir sizes. Advantage x 2: Ampliroll.  
  • Fact: Smaller-size actuators usually equate to less weight. This results in more payload capacity where it counts the most—on the road, day after day in hook loader operations. Advantage: Ampliroll. 


While most of our stock hooklift systems meet our customers’ needs, we recognize that some users must complete unique projects or have applications requiring specialized equipment. MTech partners with Ampliroll to develop and deliver custom solutions for virtually any type of truck-mounted system. Ampliroll’s engineering department can even assist with drawings, technical data and other design facets to ensure the finished product meets your specifications.

Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to make it happen.


Ampliroll equipment includes in-cab controls that contribute to a safer work environment. Your crews won’t need to expose themselves to moving machinery or slippery work surfaces that increase the risk of accidents. Your team will incur fewer injuries, and your business will experience a reduction in costly workers’ compensation insurance claims.


Marrel invented the hooklift in 1969 and introduced the Ampliroll Hooklift System concept to the United States market a decade later. Over half a century of design and manufacturing experience and expertise goes into every Ampliroll product you’ll find at MTech. These systems have earned a stellar reputation for quality, performance, durability and ease of use.

Ampliroll’s continuing focus on product development and innovation has enabled the company to become one of the leading hooklift system providers in the United States.


Why Choose an Ampliroll Hooklift System From MTech Company?

Ampliroll Hooklift Systems are manufactured by Marrel – the inventor of the dual-pivot hook loader in 1969 and first again in bringing them to users across the U.S. in 1980. Today, Ampliroll is the only supplier in the U.S.A. of premier hook loader systems and associated equipment. 

Unlike many others, we also offer a complete selection of truck-mounted accessories and roll-on/off bodies that we can supply as a package with our hook loaders, allowing for single-source acquisition! Select from aerial lifts, cranes, grapple systems and more. Also choose from cement mixers, dump bodies, flatbeds, septic pumpers, waste containers, water tankers and other interchangeable bodies. In addition, you can select from our line of high-quality pre-owned hooklift vehicles.


Where We Serve

MTech is the exclusive dealer in Ohio and Michigan and West PA for Ampliroll Hooklift Systems,

Available in Michigan, Ohio and West PA

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Learn more about how Ampliroll Hooklift Systems can increase productivity, enhance safety and reduce costs in your debris pickup and container management operation. Call MTech at 800-362-0240 or contact us online to ask questions or request additional information today.

At MTech, we’ve been supplying high-quality equipment to the sewer, street and safety industries since 1975. By focusing on offering premium products like Ampliroll Hooklift Systems, we’re able to help our customers achieve their project objectives faster and more efficiently while lowering operating costs. Our consultative approach ensures your organization gets equipment that resolves its most daunting challenges.

We also provide prompt, localized service for every Ampliroll Hooklift System we sell. We can perform up-fit and customization work at our Cleveland, Ohio, facility or have the Ampliroll team execute the project at the company’s plant in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We can even source many of the attachments or work with manufacturers to supply them quickly.

MTech supports hooklift systems with around-the-clock service to keep your equipment on the job and minimize unproductive downtime. We’ll do our best to arrive on-site within 24 to 48 hours.

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