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Cues Sewer Inspection Equipment for Sale and Rent

Please note, we can only rent these models for Cues – C542 push cameras, C550 portable mainline systems, and LAMPII lateral launch trucks.

Do you own or operate a business or organization in the sewer or wastewater industry? Sewer inspection is an essential process for ensuring the lines remain clear and free of blockages. As the world’s largest Cues sewer inspection equipment dealer, MTech carries a wide array of sewer inspection and monitoring products from this industry-leading manufacturer. We’re proud to be the exclusive supplier of the Cues lineup in Ohio, Michigan and Western Pennsylvania.

Cues equipment sets the industry standard for closed-circuit television video (CCTV) inspection, lateral launch and cross bore inspection systems, manhole inspection equipment, pipeline rehabilitation tools, pipe profiling equipment and pipeline inspection/asset management software for sanitary sewers, storm sewers and manholes. In addition to our Cues products, MTech is a certified sales and service representative for the RIDGID SeeSnake family of plumbing equipment. Our extensive product line enables you to meet the multitude of challenges in today’s constantly evolving industry.

Cues mainline inspection systems

Mainline inspection systems include cameras and transporters to move them around. They allow you to keep an eye on things with remote control and impressive low-light capabilities. Other products we carry include the control systems to monitor and run the transporters.

The heart of any Cues inspection system are the cameras and transporters. Here is a little information about some of our popular models:

  • Cues OZ Cameras: With the OZII and OZIII, we offer cameras with 40:1 optical to digital zoom ratios and exceptional light technology that eliminates the need for an external headlight. The OZ cameras are all LED lighting with full pan and tilt capabilities.
  • Cues DUC Side-Scanning Camera: This straightforward camera is good for universal applications and offers high-resolution imaging with side-scanning capabilities. Side-scanning means capturing the entire pipeline in one drive without the need to stop, pan, tilt, or zoom. Review can be done later in the office for maximum efficiency in the field.
  • Cues Pipe Rangers: The compact and steerable Pipe Rangers are lightweight and rugged with a focus on versatility. They can traverse lots of materials and are easy to change configurations on.
  • Cues Steerable Mudmaster: The Mudmaster is a durable, powerful transporter with enough power and clearance for pipes from 24-200″. It even has all-wheel drive.
  • Cues Ultra Shorty: The Ultra Shorty 21 and Ultra Shorty III are incredibly compact, with major offsets and protruding laterals.
  • Cues WTR III: The WTR III is the first modular transporter. It is versatile and affordable and can take on different configurations to support diverse pipe conditions.
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Cues Lateral Inspection Systems

Our Cues lateral inspection systems and the RIDGID SeeSnake system allow you to search through pipelines with ease in a variety of settings and conditions. These cameras are great for tilting and traveling through bends as needed. Whether self-propelled or pushed, they tend to be rugged but flexible, with plenty of modern features. We even offer our LAMPII lateral launching system that can traverse up the sewer laterals from the main itself so you can simultaneously inspect the main and lateral lines together. This is an especially popular option for large municipalities and cross bore prevention gas contractors.

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Cues Manhole Inspection Systems

Manhole cameras, inspection trucks and portable inspection systems are necessary for getting eyes on what’s underneath the metal. These tools can perform full inspections in a short time with high-output strobes and crystal-clear image quality. Some can even capture three-dimensional points for surveys and further analysis. We offer everything ranging from pole cameras to 3D manhole scanners.

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Specialty Products

In addition to these major pieces of equipment, we also carry many other products from Cues and manufacturers like Red Dawg and PipeHunter. These include jet cameras, CCTV control stations and troubleshooting kits.

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Cues GraniteNet Software

GraniteNet offers customized sewer inspection software designed for asset management and decision-making tasks. Its variety of modules work in tandem with various products and reporting methods, but the ease of use is simply unmatched. Our GraniteNet software is the ultimate decision making support tool so you can do more with the data you collect in the field.

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Cues Pipeline Rehabilitation Tools

Repairing or replacing pipelines is no easy task, but the right tools can make it easier. We carry Cues-Lock for structural point repair, lateral reinstatement kangaroo cutters and grouting systems for our municipal customers and rehab contractors.

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Cues Profiling Systems

With a profiling system from the world leader in sewer inspection products, you can be sure that your measurements are accurate and straightforward to collect. Our Cues profiling systems include laser profilers, sonar profilers and combination multi sensor platforms that combine technologies like CCTV, Sonar and Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) into a single platform.

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Why Choose Cues Sewer Cameras?

Cues sewer inspection equipment offers a host of benefits:

  • Durability: Sewer inspection cameras and other equipment must perform under challenging conditions. With the largest R&D team in the industry, Cues has the in-house capabilities to design and develop products that stand the test of time. You can use your equipment repeatedly and attain reliable results.
  • Quality construction: Cues manufactures its equipment in the USA to meet the highest standards for quality. The Cues engineering team and manufacturing technicians work in tandem to create products with the most innovative features on the market. The company is also responsive to the needs of end users and makes timely quality upgrades.
  • Reliability: Cues has been designing and crafting sewer inspection equipment for more than 50 years. Every product is the result of decades of experience and expertise. By partnering with a network of capable dealers like MTech, Cues enhances reliability by delivering superior customer service.
  • Accurate condition assessment: Cues has developed and implemented GraniteNet, a next-generation software solution that provides precise inspection results you can trust. GraniteNet is intuitive and easy to use.
  • ROI: Using Cues sewer inspection equipment will deliver an excellent long-term return on your investment. The combination of accurately assessing conditions and making improvements leads to lower operating and maintenance costs and a healthier bottom line for your business or organization. Your Cues product will quickly pay for itself.
  • Support: Both MTech and Cues offer extensive support options to keep you up and running. From our complimentary loaner program and millions of dollars in parts inventory to our wealth of troubleshooting specialists and on-site service technicians, we will make sure you are receiving the best service possible!

The MTech Difference

We are proud to be your exclusive Cues dealer throughout Ohio, Michigan and Western Pennsylvania. Working with MTech also nets you 24/7 support and on-site service. You’ll experience a true partnership that will meet your sewer equipment needs now and in the years to come. Your local dealer will give you the attention you deserve, regardless of your company’s size, scope or operating processes.

To learn more about these products or see Cues equipment in action, schedule a demo today! You can also call us at (800) 362-0240 to speak to a knowledgeable MTech representative.

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