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GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCTS is one of the world’s leading producers of specialized Street Cleaning Equipment and we are proud to be the exclusive dealer of their products in Ohio and Michigan. They build Purpose Built, Heavy Duty, and simply Tough Street Sweepers. Headquartered in San Bernardino, CA, both MTech Company and Global Environmental believe in Reliable, Affordable and Innovative products. We are proud to say that their sweepers are Made in the USA.

Global M3 3-Wheel Mechanical Sweeper

The Global M3 three-wheel mechanical sweeper is made for demanding sweeping conditions and will pick up heavy debris quickly and efficiently. It has several standard parts not common in the industry, including a hopper load-leveling device, heavy sweep package and full front and rear suspension. This build offers excellent performance throughout its life span.

Its sweeping system is powerful and can collect up to 3 tons of gravel and sand per minute at up to 11 miles per hour. This debris is collected in a 5.6-cubic-yard hopper with a 116-inch dump clearance, one of the largest hoppers available in its class.

This mechanical sweeper’s design also keeps the user in mind. The cab is air-conditioned and pressurized to keep operators comfortable during long days on the road. With its 12.5-foot turning radius, this unit can easily maneuver down small streets and is ideal for routine maintenance in any municipality.

This mechanical sweeper is built for simple maintenance with an easily accessible electrical locker, elevator components and engine. Operators can identify and fix issues easily and go back to work right away.

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Global M3EV 100% Electric 3-Wheel Mechanical Sweeper

The Global M3EV offers the same sweeping and driving capabilities as our popular Global M3 street sweeper with the added advantage of all-electric power. The vehicle uses a 210kW lithium-ion battery which keeps it running for the longest shifts, up to 12 hours. Without a diesel engine, you can also reduce total operational costs. As a leader in alternative energy, Global continues to push the boundaries of innovation with their latest breakthrough in sweeping technology.

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Global M4 4-Wheel Mechanical Sweeper

The M4 sweeper builds upon the features of the M3 unit. It will collect leaves, sand, gravel and other debris while saving fuel. This model is ideal for municipalities that want an efficient street sweeper.

The sweeping capabilities of the M4 will ensure the collection of any debris it encounters. Its brushes can turn up to 11 miles per hour and collect 3 tons each minute. You can add an optional front articulating brush to sweep the shoulders and center, which is adjusted by a joystick in the cab. The debris collects in a hopper measuring a generous 5.6 cubic yards. The M4 provides a higher capacity than similar sweepers, meaning you can sweep more between dump cycles.

One of the advantages of the M4 model is its exceptionally fast speed. This machine can travel up to 67 miles per hour on the highway, which is nearly three times faster than the M3 model. It has an 18.5-foot turning radius, which is wider than that of the M3 machine but still provides easy maneuvering on streets and is tighter than any similar chassis-mounted mechanical sweeper.

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Global M4EV 100% Electric 4-Wheel Mechanical Sweeper

Introducing the Global M4EV, the world’s first and only 100% electric drive, rechargeable Class 7 street sweeper. Collect all debris with a quiet, electric-powered mechanical sweeper for your operation. The vehicle runs quietly due to its electric motor, meaning less disruption during cleaning. It also maintains fast highway speeds of up to 55 miles per hour and 10 hours of power to help you work more efficiently. 

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Global M4 Hybrid 4-Wheel Mechanical Sweeper

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Global M4HSD High Side Dump Sweeper

The Global M4HSD sweeper was made for challenging sweeping conditions like state highways, road resurfacing and construction sites. Built on the highly popular model of our original M4, this machine now incorporates a High Side Dump (HSD) system. During sweeping, the machine can reach speeds of 11 miles per hour and pick up 3 tons of debris each minute for optimal efficiency. The operator can always see the left and right gutter broom and sweep anywhere without any adjustments required.

Operators will find that maneuvering the M4HSD model is highly manageable due to its 18.5-foot turning radius. With highway speeds up to 67 mph, this model can move between sweeping sites quickly while meeting emissions and motor vehicle safety standards.

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Global M4HSDEV 100% Electric High Side Dump Sweeper

Surmount difficult sweeping conditions with the Global M4HSDEV, an all-electric, high side dump sweeper. The added electric capabilities mean this vehicle is better for the environment, producing zero emissions during operation. It’s the only electric high side dump sweeper sold in the United States. 

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Global R3Air 3-Wheel Regenerative Air Sweeper

The Global R3Air regenerative air sweeper is unlike any other regenerative air type street sweeper on the market, as it overcomes the flaws of similar products. Its compact three-wheel design has a turning radius of just 12.5 feet and can easily operate in downtown areas and cul-de-sacs.

The R3Air system performs quickly and efficiently to pick up debris like sand, leaves, road millings and gravel in less time. Its 72-inch-wide pickup head sends particles into the 32-inch suction fan. No matter the terrain or type of debris, the operator will not need to move the pickup head or adjust the skirts for streamlined operation. The debris collects in a large 5.8-cubic-yard hopper with a high dump clearance of 116 inches.

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Global R3AirEV 100% Electric 3-Wheel Regenerative Air Sweeper

Global R3AirEV 100% Electric 3-Wheel Regenerative Air Sweeper

Those looking for a regenerative air sweeper with all-electric power will find everything they need in the Global R3AirEV. This equipment, produced by Global Environmental Products in San Bernardino, California, offers up to 11 hours of continuous sweeping time. With an optional supercharging system, the vehicle can be charged in as little as four hours. 

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Global R4Air 4-Wheel Regenerative Air Sweeper

Global R4Air 4-Wheel Regenerative Air Sweeper

The Global R4Air Regenerative Air Sweeper builds on the capabilities its three-wheeled counterpart offers. The vehicle is the most rugged regenerative air sweeper built by Global Environmental Products. It includes a 72-inch pickup hood and 32-inch suction fan for powerful sweeping capabilities. Travel speeds up to 65 miles per hour give this machine the ability to conduct highway travel for larger municipalities and sweeping contractors.

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Global R4AirEV 100% Electric 4-Wheel Regenerative Air Sweeper

The Global R4AirEV is the first heavy-duty class 7 electric air sweeper. The vehicle has a 210kW lithium-ion battery pack providing up to eight hours of continuous sweeping time. It also has an all-electric propulsion system, reducing the maintenance your vehicle needs. With the same sweeping functionality our customers have come to love in our diesel powered R4Air, this machine is definitely turning some heads.

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Global Street Sweepers

Global Environmental Products is a well-known manufacturer of purpose-built street sweeping equipment. Their products are made with heavy-duty parts for reliability in any application. Street sweepers are vital for any municipality, as they can pick up small debris with ease to prevent it from going into the sewer system.

Find a Global street sweeper for sale at MTech, where we have many models and custom options available.

View an example of a Global Street Sweeper in action. The M4 is part of our lineup and featured in this video.

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