Hurco Valve Exercisers & Hydro-Excavation Vacs

Hurco Valve Exercisers & Hydro-Excavation Vacs

We offer two primary Hurco products for our clients — the Hurco Spin Doctor and Hydro-Excavation Vacs. The Spin Doctor is a valve exerciser, providing an articulating arm designed to extend and open a variety of pipe valves. The Spin Doctor can easily handle lateral pipe shutoff operations and normal valve testing. The optional Valve Star data collection software can record important stats from the valve exercising operation using IMS Software. This data includes max torque, RPM and other critical details that will log automatically without manual inputting and analysis.

The Spin Doctor can be used with the Hurco Hydro-Excavation Vac Trailers or Skids, allowing the system to excavate down to water pipe valves and shutoffs. These two available products, whether used in conjunction or separately, are optimized for various utilities and other industrial applications.

Types of Hurco Equipment We Offer

MTech has several categories of Hurco equipment available to meet different specifications for our clients’ projects. Consult with us to find the appropriate fit for your work, and our expert team can assist you in identifying the best options for your workload, industry and budget.


Spin Doctor Valve Exerciser Arms

The Hurco Spin Doctor delivers optimized functionality for valve exerciser requirements. It is easy to use and helps maximize safety on the job while reducing operator fatigue. Several models are available to manage different workloads and project types.

Spin Doctor 400

Spin Doctor 400

The SD400 Valve Exerciser works with any standard hitch receiver and provides horizontal and vertical articulation. It is highly economical and versatile, able to handle up to 400 ft-lbs of torque. This machine has a 0′ to 13′ range with extended reach and can reach from 4′ below to 7′ above the surface. It’s ideal for easy access to valves in ditches, valleys or hills.

This model also features Feather Touch Torque Control to apply gentle pressure increments and help protect the valves from costly damage.

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Spin Doctor 800

Spin Doctor 800

Rugged and tough for heavier-duty jobs, the SD800 Valve Exerciser offers vertical and horizontal articulation with powerful capabilities. It’s the most robust solution available and works with standard 2″ receivers. The model is easy to mount and offers both hands-free and hands-on operation. It has a 0′ to 13′ range with extended reach and can allow multiple valves access in one stop.

The SD800 Valve Exerciser can reach 7′ above the surface and 4′ below. To help protect the valves from expensive damage, the product also offers Feather Touch Torque Control to apply torque at gentle increments and prevent slamming force.

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Spin Doctor ERB-800

Spin Doctor ERB-800

As the largest available model, the ERB800 Valve Exerciser is stronger and tougher for more demanding work. It is horizontally oriented with a rotated design that also gives it significant vertical capabilities. For convenient access at the work site, this solution offers a 0′ to 13′ reach and has a range of motion of about 170 degrees. It can lift vertically 1′ below the surface and 7′ above. Additionally, it provides hands-on and hands-off operating choices to best match the users’ needs.

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Hurco Hydro-Excavation Vacs

The Hydro-Excavation Trailer and Hydro-Excavation Vacs can be used with the various Spin Doctor models or as a standalone unit. The Hydro-Excavation Trailer can help dig down to the pipe valves using a strong pressure water jet. These trailers can dig down about 8′, so they are perfect for small utility jobs. We also offer these HX units in a skid mounted form as well.

VAC300 (300 Gallons)

VAC300 (300 Gallons)

The VAC300 is a single-axle trailer available in gas or diesel that lets you manage operations with one valve and vac system. This smaller model is highly affordable and versatile. It features a tilted tank, customizable options including light bars and water heaters, and high-quality components.

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VAC600 (600 Gallons)

VAC600 (600 Gallons)

The VAC600 is a tandem axle trailer available in gas or diesel which offers an increased capacity while delivering the same optimized usability. It also has customizable features to fit your requirements, a fully opening tank door for easy maintenance and a tilted tank for ease of use.


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Valve Star Reporting Software

The Spin Doctor system is available with our optional Valve Star reporting software, which logs all the key stats and info from the valves, such as torque rating and measurements. Learn about IMS Software for Valve Exercising and other utility work. Hurco provides compact hydroexcavator and valve exerciser combos.

Valve Star Data Collection Software

Valve Star Data Collection Software

This system allows a utility to exercise the valve and log the data for it simultaneously, saving you time from manually entering that data. While reducing entry and documentation times, this intuitive software can also support your water distribution system management.

The Valve Star option helps you collect the critical information you need on-site and maintain detailed records for future reference. You can link it with several of our Spin Doctor Valve Exerciser models to get the results you require for your projects.

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Spin Doctor Valve Exerciser Demonstration

This video features the SD800 (Spin Doctor 800 valve exercising arm), the VAC300G (the hydro-excavation trailer), and the Valve Star data collection software.

Start-to-finish demonstration of a vacuum excavator with an SD800 (Spin Doctor 800 valve exercising arm) turning an 8-inch water main valve. The Hurco Spin Doctor SD800 is capable of turning any size valve with up to 800-foot pounds of torque. It is a rugged and powerful valve exerciser. Teamed with an 800 ft-lb hydraulic motor, the Spin Doctor 800 gives you the power you need for those really tough valves.

Benefits of Hurco Equipment

Hurco is a trusted name in the industry, providing utility products that meet key needs across government, municipal and other sectors. The company has served client needs since 1972 and continues to be a proven equipment supplier today.

Investing in Hurco equipment to support your operations can provide several key benefits, including:

  • Innovative solutions: Hurco is committed to delivering highly innovative solutions that drive technological advancements and user-friendly features forward.
  • Increased productivity: With user-friendly, intuitively designed equipment from Hurco, you can optimize efficiency at the job site.
  • Trusted reliability: When you choose Hurco equipment, you can be confident in your products’ ongoing reliability and rugged performance.

Hand Held Valve Exercisers

For valves and hydrants that you can’t access with a truck or need quick access to, the cordless and rechargeable HH500 handheld valve exerciser is our dependable solution. Keep the portable valve exerciser in your truck for valves that are tough to reach, or in emergency situations to quickly open or close a valve or hydrant with very little manpower.


Where We Serve

MTech is your exclusive dealer for Hurco in Ohio, Michigan, and Western Pennsylvania, providing access to high-performance equipment from the Hurco brand. This equipment meets specifications for government and municipal operations, offering selections including valve exercisers and hydro excavation vacuums.

Available in Ohio, West PA and Michigan


Why Work With MTech

At MTech, we’ve prioritized delivering reliable equipment solutions for sewer, safety and street operations for decades. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping our clients source the best-quality products for critical project applications. Along with Hurco valve exercisers and hydro-excavation vacs, we supply a wide range of other products to deliver the top performance and dependability you need for your work.

You can trust us to help you find products that boost your efficiency, help improve on-site safety, support specialized tasks and minimize downtime so you can accomplish more.

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Leverage the benefits Hurco equipment offers for reliability and rugged performance. Whatever your requirements, partner with MTech to find industry-leading solutions that address your unique specifications.

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