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Please note, we can only rent these models for Cues – C542 push cameras, C550 portable mainline systems, and LAMPII lateral launch trucks.

MTech is your one-stop headquarters for the following mainline inspection systems from Cues, the world’s leading manufacturer of rugged, reliable pipeline inspection products serving the industry for more than 50 years.

Cues Inspection Vehicles for Mainlines Sewer Inspection

Cues Inspection Vehicles for Mainlines Sewer Inspection

The Cues line of vehicle-mounted systems includes video inspection equipment for all kinds of underground applications, including storm and sanitary sewer lines, lateral and mainline inspection, grouting, sonar pipe and laser profiling systems and lateral reinstatement cutters that are used in the relining industry. Mainlines ranging from 6″ to 200″ and lateral services from 2″ to 8″ can be inspected on these versatile trucks, trailers, or vans.

There are also trailer-mounted and truck-mounted grout rehabilitation systems that can be used for manhole, lateral joint and mainline sealing. You can equip these vehicles with the latest CCTV sewer camera equipment for TV inspection that includes documented condition assessment. All Cues trucks are also highly customizable with a variety of equipment, cabinet and mounting configuration options to meet your unique needs. The Cues interior buildouts are known across the industry as being the gold standard in quality.

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Cues Cameras and Transporters

Cues cameras and transporters are designed with the advanced technology you need to provide accurate assessments of pipeline conditions.

The OZII and OZIII cameras offer pan, tilt and optical zoom functionality with features like automatic focus and built-in LED lighting, which provide maximum illumination in 6″ to 96″ pipes for superior imaging. There is no external lighting required and the cameras can be outfitted with a variety of options such as built-in sonde transmitters, inclinometers, and even laser measuring diodes. The OZ cameras can be used with Cues Pipe Ranger, Steerable Pipe Ranger, Compact Pipe Ranger, Steerable Mudmaster, WTR III, and Ultra Shorty 21 and III transporters.

The Pipe Rangers series of transporters are designed to traverse storm drains, pipes and sewers that contain silt and debris. The Steerable models are ideal for providing increased traction and camera stability in tough conditions.

Ultra Shorty 21 and III are variable weight tracked transporters. The Ultra Shorty III can be used to inspect 6″ to 24″ lines while the Ultra Shorty 21 is designed to inspect 6″ to 36″ lines with protruding laterals and major offsets.

The WTR III is a versatile and affordable transporter option that can be operated with tracks or wheels to accommodate varying pipe conditions.

The Steerable Mudmaster is designed for your largest and toughest pipes and can inspect sizes ranging from 24″-200″.

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Portable Sewer Inspection Systems

For those users on a budget or simply requiring a more compact footprint, MTech carries several Cues portable inspection systems:

  • Pearpoint flexitrax™ C550: This modular crawler system can be used to inspect a wide range of pipes in any location. Its affordable and comprehensive inspection packages, make it an ideal starter package.
  • C550c HUNTER Mini Base Station: This portable inspection system comes in a compact, weatherproof enclosure that can fit in a pickup truck, trailer, van or ATV and enables you to utilize your C550 system in remote applications.
  • K2 Wireless Base Station: For wireless control of your camera, transporter and reel functions in an aluminum, water-tight enclosure that can fit on trucks, trailers, vans and ATVs, choose the K2 Wireless Base Station. Compatible with all traditional Cues cameras and transporters.
  • MARK3: Compact and easy to mount, the MARK3 is perfect for smaller vehicles such as trailers, ATVs and vans and works with all traditional Cues cameras and transporters.
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Based locally in Cleveland, MTech is proud to be the authorized Cues mainline inspection systems dealer in Ohio, Michigan and the following Western Pennsylvania counties.

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When you choose us as your mainline inspection system supplier, you get:

  • Industry expertise: MTech has been an integral part of the sewer industry since 1975. Our team consists of experienced sales consultants and service personnel who understand Cues equipment and how you can use it to maximize your sewer inspection results.
  • Quality products and services: We focus on representing manufacturers like Cues and many others that have earned respect and stellar reputations within their industries. You can always count on receiving the most reliable and innovative equipment backed by exceptional service.
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As the sole Cues equipment dealer in Ohio, Michigan and Western Pennsylvania, MTech provides exclusive access to the most innovative inspection systems. You’ll also receive the exceptional service that MTech has been delivering for nearly half a century.

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