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Aerial lifts are essential devices for lifting workers, tools and materials to elevated heights, providing safe access in hard-to-reach areas and offering superior maneuverability around a job site. Boom lifts mounted to bucket trucks offer an even more diverse range of flexibility and efficiency. These lifts are ideal for industries like telecommunications, electrical utility, construction, exterior building maintenance and fire rescue.

AxionLift in Action

AxionLift offers a broad range of lifts to meet the specific needs of various applications. Based initially in Latin America, parts of Asia and the Middle East, Axion has expanded into the United States and established two prominent service centers in Florida and California. MTech is proud to partner with AxionLift as an authorized dealer, offering several boom lift models to customers across the country. MTech is located in Cleveland, Ohio, and we offer on-site maintenance and repair services to our midwestern, including Ohio and Michigan, and our western PA customers.

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Types of Articulating AxionLift Aerial Lifts We Offer

MTech offers three models of AxionLift aerial lifts, including:



The AT4313i is a telescopic articulating lift with an excellent side reach exceeding 25 feet and a working height over 44 feet. Thanks to a unique telescopic arm configuration, this lift offers one of the most expansive reaches of all portable Axion lifts. The bucket can safely support up to 400 pounds and includes a 180-degree rotator to increase worker productivity and safety.

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The BR4313i articulating boom lift can achieve working heights over 42 feet and horizontal reaches over 19 feet. This lift is the best in its class and ideal for mounting on many super-duty pickup truck models. The heavy-duty bucket can handle weights up to 330 pounds.

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The UR3410i is an articulating boom lift that can reach a working height of over 30 feet and a maximum horizontal reach exceeding 14 feet. Its lighter weight and compact size make it perfect for mounting on light-duty pickup trucks and accessing hard-to-reach areas. Axion is the only manufacturer to offer a lift in the UR size range.

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AxionLift Aerial Lift Truck Uses and Industry Applications

AxionLift aerial lifts offer versatility across a broad range of industry applications. They perform efficiently in areas where other devices fail, as some traditional boom lifts have limited capacities. Because these Axion lifts can mount to many super-duty pickup trucks, they provide access to areas that most conventional aerial lifts cannot. A reach of 40-plus feet sets a new industry standard for bucket cranes.

The ideal applications of these lifts include:

  • Utility work.
  • Tree trimming.
  • Signage installation.
  • Building maintenance.
  • Landscaping.

AxionLift aerial lifts are becoming increasingly popular with municipalities as sign trucks. Signage, lighting and traffic signals require overhead installation, which makes aerial lifts the perfect equipment to do the job efficiently and safely.

MTech has always been an industry leader in providing the most effective solutions for private and municipal organizations. Adding Axion lifts to our comprehensive equipment selection has significantly increased our service and performance capabilities.

Benefits of AxionLift Aerial Lift Trucks

As workplace compliance regulations continue to evolve, more businesses are steering away from scaffolding and ladders and moving toward high-performance lift trucks for higher safety levels. AxionLift aerial lifts have jumped to the front of the pack because they deliver outstanding performance, increased maneuverability and superior efficiency while offering industry-leading safety features.

Additional benefits you’ll experience when purchasing an AxionLift truck for your business include:

  • Simplicity: Compared to other aerial lifts on the market, AxionLifts are much easier to operate while requiring less maintenance and minimal operator training. These advantages translate to an increased bottom line for your operation.
  • Availability: AxionLift has quickly emerged as an industry leader due to its quick turnaround on equipment orders. While some competitors have lead times exceeding a year for some lift models, AxionLift remains committed to keeping lifts in stock to meet your company’s immediate and long-term needs.
  • High-quality materials: AxionLift builds its lifts with only the highest-quality, American-made materials and components.
  • Premium features without the inflated price: Axion has set itself apart from other lift manufacturers because of the value of its equipment. These lifts feature premium-quality builds and provide the same fully-loaded options you see in devices that cost much more.


Advantages of Working With MTech

When you partner with MTech for your aerial lift and other equipment needs, you’ll experience benefits like:

  • Unparalleled knowledge and expertise: We have built our impeccable reputation by providing the most superior customer service and highest-performing products to the sewer, street and landscaping industry since 1975.
  • Exceptional service: We prioritize our customers first, as our teams are available 24/7 for technical support, equipment service, training and parts.
  • Extensive product selection: We offer one of the market’s most comprehensive equipment inventories, from truck bodies and sidewalk tractors to street sweeperssafety equipment and more.

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When you invest in an Axion aerial lift from MTech, you get dedicated technical expertise from our team and on-site service to provide all the product support you need. Our selection of AxionLifts allows us to offer one of the industry’s most flexible and versatile lineups of boom lifts. Schedule a demo today or call 800-362-0240 to request additional information.

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