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Work Truck Bodies

Work truck bodies keep tools and supplies organized, allowing you to easily transport them to your job site. MTech is proud to offer a variety of service truck bodies from major work truck brands. We provide stock units nationwide and custom units in Ohio and Michigan. If you need premium build quality and customization, contact us to learn more about our mechanics’ truck options.

Maintainer Premium Truck Bodies

Maintainer service trucks allow municipalities, utility companies, construction companies and other organizations to work more efficiently. These truck bodies have multiple storage compartments and a reputation for high quality and durability.

MTech provides custom Maintainer products to our customers in Michigan and Ohio and also have stock trucks available for sale nationwide. We’re the exclusive dealer for Maintainer Corporation of Iowa in our region, which allows us to offer the best deals possible.

The Maintainer truck options we have include:

  • Service trucks:Maintainer’s service trucks offer various customization options. MTech has one- and two-ton options, built with A60 galvannealed material to provide excellent corrosion resistance and strength. The trucks are designed with stability and safety in mind.
  • Crane trucks: The majority of Maintainer Trucks are built with cranes by default which allows these trucks to operate as versatile maintenance vehicles for mechanics performing solo repairs in the field. The crane design for Maintainer is world-renowned and these purpose-built cranes are designed and assembled in the Maintainer facility which ensures their robust performance and quality construction.
  • Sign trucks:Maintainer’s sign trucks consist of durable materials and include a traffic warning light system and hydraulic catwalk. The trucks can accommodate welder models, a pressurized storage system and air compressor units. Multiple attachments, including post-pounders, hydraulic augers and lift gates, increase the utility of sign trucks.
  • Lube trucks:Maintainer’s two-ton lube trucks offers various customization options. The trucks can hold oils and other fluids and materials. An optional crane enhances these trucks’ functionality.
  • Propane trucks:Maintainer’s propane trucks have space for two 500-gallon tanks and trencher storage. There’s also the option of adding additional features, such as exterior floodlighting, tank cradles and thick chock storage.
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Stahl Steel Truck Bodies

MTech is also pleased to offer Stahl steel service body trucks to our customers. Built in Ohio, Stahl has been manufacturing service body trucks since 1946 and is a leader in the industry. The company was the first to introduce galvanneal steel bodies, rotary door latches, automotive door seals and thermoplastic olefin. Stahl’s service body trucks have contoured body sides that are stronger than welded sides and provide better corrosion resistance.
Stahl’s service body options include:

Challenger ST:Challenger ST service bodies are designed to be reliable mobile workstations. They have multiple compartments and open cargo space that provide ample room for storage.
Challenger Elite:The Challenger Elite has a gooseneck body that provides plenty of storage space plus towing.
MDST Service Body:The MDST includes significant cargo space and multiple storage compartments. It’s designed for medium-service trucks.
Arbortech:Stahl’s Forestry Division, Arbortech, offers a wide selection of chipper bodies.

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DuraMag Aluminum Truck Bodies

DuraMag manufactures aluminum truck bodies at its facility in central Maine. The company prides itself on using state-of-the-art equipment and creativity to produce top-quality work trucks at competitive prices.

DuraMag has led the shift away from steel truck bodies by offering upfits to aluminum, which is lighter in weight and more durable. Aluminum truck bodies cost less to maintain and repair, get better gas mileage and have higher payloads. The brand moved into the truck body market in 2009 and has been producing some of the best all-aluminum bodies available since then.

All-aluminum service body options from DuraMag include:

  • R-Series (Premium Roll Up Doors)
  • S-Series (Traditional Swing Doors)
  • Canopy Body (Full or Partial Enclosures)

DuraMag also produces excellent landscape, flatbed, and dump bodies.

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Why MTech?

For decades, MTech has been committed to providing reliable, long-lasting sewer, street and safety equipment in the Ohio and Michigan areas. From sewer inspection cameras to street sweepers and vacuum trucks, our products can help you meet your goals and avoid downtime with a wide array of robust and efficient machinery.

In addition to sales, we also have the resources to help you make the most of your equipment. Superior services from our MTech shop in Cleveland, Ohio, plus training courses for continuing education requirements under many state jurisdictions.

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