Safety Equipment

MTech offers a wide range of safety equipment to suit our diverse customer base. All of our equipment is OSHA compliant and top of the line. Due to our staff’s extensive years of experience on the job and in the field, we understand the importance of high quality service and equipment. We are here to provide you with any assistance or guidance you may need to ensure each job is done with the individual in mind.

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Fall Protection

Fall protection is a critical component of working at elevated heights. It's an essential part of protecting your employees from one of OSHA's "Focus Four" and the leading cause of construction-related deaths.

When assembling a personal fall arrest system (PFAS), you'll need to have your ABC's covered:

  • Anchorage: Anchors are the connecting points that support loads and can vary widely depending on the structure, industry and task.
  • Body support: This is where your full-body harness comes in. It distributes a load over the whole body equally. Full-body harnesses are critical in a fall protection system, as they are the components that link up everything else. We even have special-made full-body harnesses for sale that fit the needs of specific industries like oil and gas, municipalities and utility work.
  • Connecting device: The connecting device links up the body support and the anchor. Usually, they take the form of self-retracting lifelines and shock-absorbing lanyards.
  • Descent and rescue: In the event of a fall, rescue devices must be able to retrieve the worker safely.

To best protect your employees, we offer fall protection equipment from several different manufacturers, including French Creek Production, Pelsue and 3M DBI-SALA. Individual components like harnesses, carabiners, anchorage connectors and self-retracting lifelines allow you to pick and choose elements to build the perfect protection system or replace parts as needed. Another option is to purchase ready-made systems like our confined space package.

Providing your employees with the right equipment is only half of the equation. The other half is training them in fall protection. Each worker needs to know how to set up and use their equipment safely. We offer OSHA-approved training courses on fall protection to help them do so. We can come to you or host classes at our headquarters. Either way, your workers learn critical skills that are essential for staying safe and working at heights.

Wireless Communicators

MTech offers two wireless communication package options from CrewPlex and Sonetics. Communicators from both companies allow you to work more effectively while communicating easily. Sonetics offers advanced noise-canceling features for noisy operations such as hydro-excavation. Crewplex headset options are great in confined space settings and offer a superior level of reliability without the need for a central communicator hub. Our customer support team is here to help you find the right communication system for your team.

Gas Detection

Many environments can involve risks of gas leaks and exposure. With the help of our partner and world leader, RKI, we have a selection of air quality monitors for use in different settings. They can detect many types of harmful gasses in portable and fixed systems of varying configurations. RKI gas monitors are powerful and housed within rugged materials.

Other Safety Equipment

Falls and gasses aren't the only safety hazards you'll encounter on the job. Other types of equipment you may need to stay safe include:

  • Helmets, masks, face shields and hoods.
  • Respirator accessories and cleaning materials.
  • Fume extractors.
  • Storage cases.
  • Portable guardrail systems.
  • Self-contained, self-rescue systems.
  • Blowers and ventilation systems.
  • Confined space equipment.
  • Manhole ladders.
  • Back, wrist and elbow supports.
  • High-visibility apparel, including jackets, overalls, pants, coats, T-shirts, sweatshirts, vests, hats and gaiters.

Safety Equipment from MTech

Here at MTech, we believe in safety first. We also believe that when it comes to keeping people safe, you need tools you can trust. High-quality tools and rock-solid track records make our partners excellent providers of safety equipment. Plus, our training courses can help ensure your employees are ready for whatever tasks they face. We take pride in providing high quality safety equipment in Ohio, Michigan and Western PA.

With our headquarters in Cleveland Ohio, we're able to fully service Ohio, Michigan and Western PA including Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.

Browse our expansive online selection or contact us today for more information.