RC Mowers Remote Control Slope Mowers – Built to Handle Extreme Landscapes

Some municipalities, road departments and park systems have areas with steep slopes and thick brush. Standard mowers are not made for these applications, and they may be unsafe for workers. RC Mowers manufactures remote control mowers made to navigate and maintain steep slopes with ease. MTech is your exclusive RC Mowers dealer for Ohio and Michigan.

Benefits of Remote-Controlled Mowers

RC Mowers are built to maneuver over and maintain tough landscapes. The mowers from RC Mowers are heavy-duty machines that can navigate steep slopes and cut through thick undergrowth without support from a winch. Since these mowers have a remote control, they can navigate into tight or risky areas that an operator couldn’t otherwise access.

Overall benefits of RC Slope Mowers include:

  • Remote Operated for Safety and Efficiency: RC Mowers are remote operated, allowing them to navigate steep and dangerous terrain that would force a worker into an unsafe area. The remote operation also provides increased efficiency.
  • Increased productivity: RC Slope Mowers have the ability to navigate and cut with high efficiency. Compared to other solutions, they work faster by eliminating lost time and driving at higher speeds.
  • Improved safety: Since these mowers are remote-controlled, the operator can stay a safe distance away and get the work done without the risk of injury.
  • Better control: RC Mowers can navigate easily over any terrain without damage. Its level of precision makes exact navigation and the desired results easy to achieve.
  • Good climbing ability: The build of these RC mowers helps the machines climb steep slopes of up to 50 degrees. Operators can also use a winch for additional support.
  • Versatile: Because RC Slope Mowers can handle the toughest applications, you can use them for rough and steep slopes or gentle and manicured lawns.

Our RC Mower Lineup

RC Mower has several models in their lineup. At MTech, we offer:

  • TK-44E: This model is the most compact mower from RC Mowers. The Kawasaki FR651V drivetrain provides 21.5 horsepower and 726cc engine displacement. Its 44-inch mowing deck has cutting heights between 2.2 and 6.5 inches so you can set it to the height best for the area. Its mowing speed is 2.9 miles per hour, translating to mowing 1.2 acres per hour.
  • TK-52XP: The TK-52XP is RC Mowers’ bestselling option. It is designed to navigate and mow over the toughest terrain. The cutting width is 52 inches, and its blades can handle brush up to 2 inches wide. The Kawasaki FX850V drivetrain pulls the mower up slopes as severe as 50 degrees. It runs at 4.5 miles per hour, cutting 2.2 acres per hour.
  • TK-60XP: This model is the largest remote control mower, made for the most challenging brush-cutting applications. The Kawasaki FX1000V drivetrain provides 35 horsepower, and the mower offers a large fuel capacity of 13.4 gallons. It has the widest cutting width at 60 inches. Mow at 4.5 miles per hour and finish 2.5 acres each hour for excellent efficiency.

Remote-Operated Slope Mowers

Heavy-duty slope mowers for maintaining steep slopes & hillsides up to 50 degrees.

RC Mowers TK-44E

Our most compact machine. Ideal for:

  • Hillside & steep-incline maintenance
  • Golf course maintenance
  • Mowing under solar panels
  • Dam & levy embankments
  • Wet or muddy terrain
  • Roadside mowing
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RC Mowers TK-52XP

Our best-selling machine. Ideal for:

  • Hillside & steep-incline maintenance
  • Wetland & swamp preservation
  • Retention or water treatment ponds
  • Dam & levy embankments
  • Landfill slope preservation
  • Roadside mowing
  • Right-of-way & pipeline reclamation
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RC Mowers TK-60XP

Our best-selling machine. Ideal for:

  • Hillside & steep-incline maintenance
  • Wetland & swamp preservation
  • Retention or water treatment ponds
  • Dam & levy embankments
  • Landfill slope preservation
  • Roadside mowing
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RC Mowers Updates

RC Mowers made several updates specific to their product lineup for their Generation 2 Mower series:

  • Integrated camera and Tablet System: The high-resolution camera for XP models shows the view in front of the remote control mower. The operator shares the same view as the mower on a fully integrated LCD tablet built into the hand-held controller unit.
  • New bumper: RC mowers have a newly designed bumper that has a better approach angle and makes it easier to load, unload, store and transport the unit. Since it’s more compact, it is less likely to hit or catch fixed objects.
  • The Reaper™: All mowers come with The Reaper, a blade that effectively mulches tall grass and woody materials. It can cut debris of 1 to 1.5 inches at moderate speed and up to 2 inches when operated slowly.
  • Drive system: All remote-controlled mowers have tough sprocket metal for better wear resistance and strengthened lower track guide metal for improved wear. The new driveshaft hub resists deformation near lug nuts, and the lack of an upper track guide improves the drive sprocket engagement.

There were also changes made for just the XP series:

  • Drive actuator mounting: The XP models have a horizontal, rigid mounting for the drive actuator. This setup improves longevity and provides smoother control while reducing maintenance by eliminating two grease points.
  • Muffler guard: The XP models have an improved muffler guard that protects the muffler when cutting in reverse and increases fire prevention.
  • Fuel trap: The new fuel trap on the XP models improves engine performance by catching more fuel before it can get to the engine.

Some upgrades were made for specific models:

  • Engine upgrade: The TK-60XP model was upgraded with a Kawasaki electronic fuel injection (EFI) engine. This engine has an automatic choke and a built-in electronic throttle, providing more power with less fuel consumption.
  • Improved winch: The TK-60XP and TK-52XP models have the option of a winch rated for 4,500 pounds. This winch is integrated into the front storage bracket.

Applications for Slope Mowers

RC mowers are made for park systems, commercial and moving companies, road departments and public works. They’re tailored for public works projects like:

  • Maintenance: Landscape maintenance is easy with RC mowers. They can easily cut through tall grasses and rough brush.
  • Hillside and steep-incline maintenance: Steep slopes that are difficult to navigate by foot with a standard mower are easy for RC mowers. They can operate on terrain sloped up to 50 degrees.
  • Dam and levee embankments: Remote-controlled mowers can navigate these steep embankments and efficiently cut grass and brush.
  • Landfill slope preservation: Landfill embankments can be steep and loose, but a slope mower can maneuver across them.
  • Retention or water treatment ponds: RC Slope Mowers can navigate the soft terrain around ponds easily.
  • Roadside mowing: Mowing on highways can be too steep and dangerous for people. Remoted-controlled mowers can mow while the operator is a safe distance away.

This style of mower is also used for protection, such as wetland and swamp preservation. These areas often have dense undergrowth that standard mowers cannot cut. RC mowers efficiently cut through these materials, especially with The Reaper blades installed.

Why MTech?

For decades, MTech has been committed to providing reliable, long-lasting sewer, street and safety equipment in the Ohio and Michigan areas. From sewer inspection cameras to street sweepers and vacuum trucks, our products can help you meet your goals and avoid downtime with a wide array of robust and efficient machinery.

In addition to sales, we also have the resources to help you make the most of your equipment. Superior services from our MTech shop in Cleveland, Ohio, plus training courses for continuing education requirements under many state jurisdictions.

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