Why Use Cues Profiling Systems?

When you need to perform an inspection on pipes and sewer lines, using a profiling system can provide several benefits. At MTech, we offer high-quality products from Cues to help you finish the job with well-made, advanced products. Browse our inventory today to see all the different profilers, cameras and scanners we carry for pipeline and sewer inspection. Using a Cues profiling system provides several benefits, including:

  • Precise, efficient mapping: Cues profilers, cameras and scanners help you get a better picture of the inside of a pipeline with advanced technology that accurately and quickly maps its features.
  • Proactive problem detection: Profiling systems allow you to see potential problems before they turn into something much larger using sonar or video.
  • Easy to implement: Several of these systems can be retrofitted to trucks and equipment you already have. Others are simple to begin using and come with user-friendly software for viewing videos.
  • Numerous recording and storage options: All the Cues profiling systems have different options for recording data, including video or sonar. Plus, many of the machines store the data or you can transport it to other systems in the form of MPEG, Point Cloud or different file types.

Our Cues Profiling Systems

At MTech, we carry numerous Cues profilers for sewer and pipe inspections.

Cues Laser Profiler

Municipality workers, contractors and engineers can use laser profilers to see the conditions of a pipeline either before or after the rehabilitation process. It has easy assembly since you only need to snap it on. You can use it with a Cues CCTV survey system and Cues camera. When you use all of these together, you gather data and generate reports about the inside of the pipeline.

You can gauge anything from water levels to size, laterals and capacity. The Cues Laser Profiler works in pipes between 6 inches to 72 inches, and it’s battery-powered. The equipment is made from carbon fiber and aluminum.

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Cues Sonar Profiler

Cues Sonar Profiler

Use the Cues Sonar Profiler when you need to identify information below the waterline in a pipe. You can gather information on grease, offsets and silt levels. The machine uses software to create a detailed image of the pipe walls. Use the information on the software to measure wall thickness and erosion. The sonar profiler has a designated system for submerged and semi-submerged pipelines.

It will work for surveying pipelines between 12 inches and 18 inches in diameter. You can use it in fully or partially charged lines, and you can capture, store and print data on the spot. The sonar profiler can scan about 4 inches every second.

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With this single-cable profiling system, you will be able to transmit sonar and visual data. With Cues standard gold cable, you can connect this product to an OZII camera and Marine Electronics Sonar system. Cues CATVS is also adaptable, meaning you can use it with Sonar Float, Pipe Ranger transporters and the MudMaster Cues products.

You can retrofit the Cues CATVS system to fit your existing equipment, such as a TV truck. However, you don’t need a full-size truck for this system — instead, you can use it with a single reel. Use the Cues CATVS system to perform inspections in up to 5,000-foot distances.

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Cues Solid FX

Cues Solid FX is a multi-sensor inspection tool. It will provide you with sonar, lidar and video inspections of pipes larger than 18 inches. It comes with a lens clearing system, and using the lidar minimizes missing data, allowing you to get a fuller picture without needing interpolation. Plus, you can use the sonar to see the capacity of the pipe and debris amount.

The Cues Solid FX also runs on the standard gold cable. Any of the video you record with the Cues GraniteNet DUC system is available for view once you’re back in the office as well.

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Cues Accurate Mapping Probe AMP

Cues Accurate Mapping Probe AMP

If you need precise 3D positional data, use the Cues AMP. Map your wastewater systems with this gyroscopic machine. The equipment is an efficient way to detect design issues, unaligned joints or sagging in the pipes. You can use the Cues AMP with an interchangeable wheel set, allowing you to use it in pipes between 3 inches to 58 inches in diameter.

With Cues AMP, you’ll have access to AMPVUE, a cloud-based platform where you can manage data from the equipment. One of the benefits of using the AMP system is that it allows you to map out concerns both in the short and long term.

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Cues DUC Side-Scanning Camera

Cues DUC Side-Scanning Camera

The Cues DUC, or Digital Universal Camera, collects video of wastewater and other similar pipes to help you conduct assessments. One of the benefits of this equipment is its versatility, as you can use it either as a portable or vehicle-mounted system.

If you use the Cues DUC camera for predictive failure analysis, you’ll be able to handle problems quickly and keep your pipes in top shape. The Cues DUC can perform a complete inspection for 400 feet of pipe in 15 minutes or less. Plus, the 3.1-megapixel camera provides you with clear, detailed images.

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Cues DUC for Manhole Inspection

Cues DUC for Manhole Inspection

Using the Cues DUC for utility holes allows you to work on 50 or more a day when you use it with GraniteNet. It can also work as an off-road machine, which reduces the need for traffic control. A Cues DUC camera for maintenance holes creates a continuous scan of the conditions inside.

The camera has no moving parts, so instead, you will need to move it throughout a pipe with a transporter. If you want to retrofit the Cues DUC, you can do so for standard multi-conductor truck-mounted systems.

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Cues SPiDER Wireless Manhole Scanner

Cues SPiDER Wireless Manhole Scanner

The Cues SPiDER scanner is unique equipment with several beneficial features. In just one scan, the device can capture millions of data points. You can use all of this information for assessment purposes. The SPiDER is light enough to carry to even the most hard-to-reach spots, and it doesn’t need a truck or power cable.

You can operate the scanner easily with a tablet. It also has the capability for a 190 degree live video feed and can provide you with files like 3D MPEGs, Point Clouds and MACP reports.

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