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GraniteNet is a public works condition assessment software by Cues that acts as an asset management and decision-making support tool. It works with other strategic software platforms to determine thresholds for proactive condition assessment. This data is analyzed for risk analysis to create an asset management strategy. Simply put, gNet is much much more than just a sewer inspection software.

Cues GraniteNet

When you choose to use GraniteNet sewer inspection software for your infrastructure, pair it with Cues sewer inspection products. Cues is the industry-leading manufacturer of water, wastewater and stormwater inspection equipment. With Cues products, you’ll get:

  • Fast, detailed assessment: Cues technology works quickly and thoroughly to get you detailed pipeline inspection results.
  • Reduced operating costs: Cues sewer inspection equipment will give you a return on your investment with the maximum footage per dollar.
  • Identification and mapping of problem areas: Cues sewer cameras will discover and map problematic spots in the pipeline for you to inspect later or prepare for a repair or replacement.
  • Full GIS integration: Cues sewer inspection products can fully integrate with ESRI ArcGIS software.

The Cues lineup of products includes:

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Benefits of Using Cues Sewer Inspection Products With GraniteNet Software

Some capabilities of the GraniteNet sewer inspection software include:

  • GIS mapping software: GraniteNet uses GIS mapping software for the MapView module. The program displays the ArcGIS Map and can navigate to and from GraniteNet objects and start tasks from the map. We are an exclusive partner with ESRI and can offer a truly seamless bi-directional interface.
  • Inspection footage navigation: You can navigate inspection footage with a 360-degree view for a thorough, complete analysis. While navigating the footage, you can mark defects to investigate later.
  • Integration with Cues inspection cameras: GraniteNet software integrates with Cues inspection cameras, so you can pair the best sewer cameras with the best condition assessment software for a true full circle solution.

This solution is the next generation of Granite XP software and was made with contemporary components like Microsoft and ESRI. GraniteNet products are flexible, customizable and easy to use to meet the needs of the sewer inspection industry.

The benefits of this sewer inspection software are:

  • Unified information for transparency across the organization.
  • Efficient, informed and defensible decision-making powered by data.
  • Comprehensive tools to create a strategy for infrastructure repair, replacement, renewal and maintenance.

GraniteNet software products are available in Basic or Advanced versions, each of which has dozens of optional modules.


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