Jetters & Vacuums


Jetters & Vacuums

Vacuum trucks, jetters and combo trucks are essential tools for many cities and companies. With powerful suction and pressurized water, these pieces of equipment help workers clean up sewers, perform hydro-excavation and accomplish a variety of other tasks.

MTech offers a complete selection of trucks and trailers to fit your sewer cleaning needs. No job is too big or too small, we have a product that will work for you. The manufacturers we represent are the best and the brightest, and bring many years of experience and expertise to the table. We provide full service on all of our units and the resources necessary to keep you up and running!

Super Products

Super Products is an industry-leading manufacturer of high-performance vacuum trucks designed to provide your worksites with the versatility you require.

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PipeHunter is a Texas-based manufacturer of equipment for the sewer cleaning industry. Their vacuum trucks and hydro-excavation trailers are feature-filled and powerful, and their unique camera system solutions help contractors and municipalities gain visibility in hard-to-reach areas. Nearly every aspect of their machines can be customized to fit your unique specifications.

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Dyna-Vac manufactures a complete line of vacuum pumping and sewer cleaning trucks and trailers. Every machine that leaves the factory tells a story, and the products that they manufacture reflect the dedication and craftsmanship of the people behind it.

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Our Selection

Our partners are industry leaders. They offer a wide array of powerful and rugged equipment with exceptional performance that can meet the needs of your work.

  • Dyna-Vac: Dyna-Vac excels in craftsmanship and offers an array of machinery. We have vacuum trucks, combo trucks with hydro excavation, combo trailers, easement machines, grease trap pumpers, trailer vacuum trucks and Dyna-Vac jetters for sale in Ohio and Michigan.
  • PipeHunter: Again focusing on quality results, PipeHunter provides products like trailer jetters, jetter trucks, easement machines, mini combo trucks, hydro-excavation trucks and trailers, skids and the Jet Eye camera system.
  • Super Products: Whether you’re working in remote regions or busy city streets, Super Products has what you need to work with confidence.

To ensure your equipment meets the needs of your job, it is critical that you get the right one. If you’re not sure, our experts can help you select the perfect truck.



Each of these machines can be used in different scenarios. Some, like our combo or hydrovac trucks for sale, can be used for wet and slurry substances. They’ll allow you to jet your lines for cleaning and vacuum up the sludge with the same machine. Some can handle dry particles, too. Plus, many combo trucks have hydro-excavation capabilities, so you can branch out from cleaning and do excavation if needed, such as for a water main break or utility work.

Industrial vacuum loaders don’t discriminate — they’ll suck up wet and dry particles alike. They have special filtration systems that can handle fine particles like fly ash and cement powders while avoiding damage to the vacuum or the environment. In addition to the sewage and wastewater industries, you can also find vacuum trucks in coal power plants, mines, manufacturing plants and many more situations where fine powders need to be cleaned.

Jetters, on the other hand, focus on using high pressure to clear out blockages in drain pipes and sewer systems. They can also be used for cleaning out a pipe or catch basins. If you don’t need to vacuum anything up, a jetter can be more cost-effective, rather than a combo truck.

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Working With MTech

No matter which brand you go with, you can expect quality and exceptional service from MTech. With every purchase, you get 24/7 support and on-site service options. We can come to you to solve any problems. That service, combined with the reliability of our products, means you can be confident that downtime will be kept to a minimum.

If you’re looking for equipment like a Dyna-Vac hydro excavator, a PipeHunter combo truck or a  vacuum pump for sale in Ohio and Michigan, MTech has you covered and is proud to be eyour exclusive dealer in the region. We also have Dyna-Vac equipment available in Western PA including Pittsburgh! To learn more about the products we offer, reach out and schedule a demo today!

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