Stahl & Arbortech Service Truck Bodies

Stahl & Arbortech Steel Service Truck Bodies

Stahl and Arbortech are sister brands, both owned by Berkshire Hathaway. MTech is proud to offer Stahl service truck bodies and Arbortech Forestry truck bodies to our customers in Ohio, Michigan, and Western Pennsylvania, as well as clients nationwide. Stahl and Arbortech trucks are manufactured in Wooster, Ohio, and consist of all-steel bodies.

If you need a truck to store your gear, chip trees or haul equipment, MTech can help you choose and customize the Stahl or Arbortech truck that’s right for you.

Challenger ST Service Truck Bodies

Stahl Steel Service Trucks

Stahl has been producing service truck bodies since 1946. The brand is a leader in this category and has introduced multiple innovative design features and products. It was the first brand to introduce body panels, cutaway service van bodies and galvanneal steel bodies.

Some benefits of Stahl’s service truck bodies, such as the Challenger ST, include:

  • Low maintenance needs: Stahl trucks feature door hinges with a bolt-on design, which reduces maintenance needs. The truck bodies also have a powder coat that resists corrosion.
  • High security: Each compartment in the truck body is independently lockable, and the door hinges are concealed. You can also add a push-pull mechanical bar lock to increase security.
  • Durability: The trucks’ lock-bolt construction enhances durability while reducing the chance of rust and corrosion.
  • Strength: The trucks are made from a heavy-gauge galvanneal steel. The lock-bolt construction also enhances their strength.
  • Attractive appearance: The trucks’ exterior is finished with a white powder coat, which allows for customization and logos while pleasing the eye.
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Arbortech Forestry Trucks

Arbortech Forestry truck bodies are custom-made with the needs of tree professionals in mind. The trucks are available in several models, including options with removable roofs to further extend the trucks’ functionality.

The standard Arbortech truck body is the fixed roof chip body. It’s ideal for most professional tree care requirements and is available in various sizes with numerous optional features. The truck body has a smooth-sided design that facilitates advertising. You can wrap the vehicle with a replaceable wrap to promote your business.

The removable roof chip body model increases the versatility of your chip body truck. When you remove the roof, you have space for carrying large shrubs or trees to and from your job sites. The removable roof feature also converts the truck into a dump truck.

Each truck has an L-shaped toolbox and a ladder box, providing plenty of space for all your essentials.

Arbortech also has a series of aerial body packages, which allow tree care professionals to reach heights up to 75 feet while offering the storage features and benefits of the fixed roof chip body.

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MTech is pleased to offer Stahl and Arbortech truck bodies to our customers in Michigan, Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, and everywhere else nationwide. 

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