ODB Xtreme Vac Leaf Vacuums & Debris Collectors

ODB Xtreme Vac Leaf Vacuums & Debris Collectors

MTech can help make high-volume leaf cleanup faster and easier with our wide selection of Xtreme Vac Leaf Vacuums and Debris Collectors from ODB. You’ll get a high-quality piece of equipment that can handle your most demanding challenges, and you’ll receive excellent service every step of the way.

ODB opened for business in 1910 and has been a leading manufacturer of leaf and debris collectors since the early 1990s. ODB’s Xtreme Vac product line represents the most powerful debris collectors available on the market. Use them to collect leaves, grass clippings, plastic bottles, trash and whatever else crosses their path.

Applications of Commercial Leaf Vacuums

Professionals in widespread industries rely on commercial leaf vacuums to keep landscapes tidy. Whether you work for a government agency or municipality or have your own private company, commercial leaf vacuums are useful for tasks like:

  • Clearing leaves from walkways, decks and trails
  • Cleaning up roadways and parking lots
  • Removing leaves and debris from private properties
  • Maintaining environmental centers and wildlife reserves
  • Preparing grounds for agricultural projects
  • Picking up grime and debris after cleaning out gutters
  • Collecting leaves dispersed throughout flower beds and mulched areas.

Chassis-Mounted Leaf Vacuum Trucks

A chassis-mounted leaf vacuum attaches to a truck’s frame. By lifting leaves and debris from the ground and storing them in a hopper, this powerful piece of equipment saves time and labor. You can also use the same vehicle to transport the load to the disposal site. The best part about the chassis mounted machines is that they are a true “one man operation” and can be 100% controlled by the driver from inside the cab of the truck.

Our truck-mounted leaf and debris collectors offer a convenient, all-in-one solution. We pre-mount the vacuum unit onto a truck, eliminating the need for back-end assembly. It also comes with an auxiliary engine to ensure a sufficient power supply. The powerful vac system includes a hydraulic hose boom, enabling the operator to run the vac from inside the truck. A large-capacity hopper can meet your high-volume storage requirements.

These leaf and debris collectors give you the flexibility to add multiple options to maximize performance and productivity and enhance safety. Choices include fluid drive couplers, front and rear LED lighting and a bottom exhaust dust suppression system.

MTech is pleased to offer three chassis-mounted leaf vacuum truck versions to meet a wide range of user preferences and operating environments.

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Trailer-Mounted Self-Contained Leaf Vacuum Debris Collectors

Do you prefer hauling your debris collection/leaf vacuuming equipment to the site with your company’s trucks? The Xtreme Vac trailer-mounted line gives you an assortment of affordable options for offloading leaves into a secondary vehicle. With five models from which to choose, you can easily find a configuration meeting your workload requirements.

Depending on which product you choose, you can get access to features such as:

  • Powerful, efficient Kubota or John Deere diesel engines that deliver a robust suction solution
  • Electronic engine controls that enhance performance and efficiency
  • Durable trailer attachment to secure the unit to your vehicle
  • Dual axle configuration to provide a smoother ride over rugged terrain
  • Multiple options for customization
  • Optional leaf boxes available to compliment our tow behind units
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Trailer-Mounted Tow-Behind Debris Collectors/Leaf Vacuums

These Xtreme Vac leaf vacuum trailers feature an integrated debris collection box, providing a convenient, all-in-one solution. The advantages of this leaf collection system include consolidated components that prevent the need to make separate purchases or deal with multiple pieces of equipment. Built-in hydraulic systems facilitate dumping — you can do the job without cranes or hoists. Additionally, the extra-large collection box offers ample storage space when cleaning large properties.

MTech carries two trailer-mounted self-contained ODB leaf vacs for sale:

DCL8027/8031: This machine offers a choice between a robust Kawasaki 27-horsepower gas engine (DCL8027) or Kubota 24-horsepower diesel engine (DCL8031). The 10 cubic yard hopper features dual-hinged doors on the back and an underbody hydraulic dumping hoist that tips at up to 52 degrees for fast, efficient material unloading. The hopper’s detachable screens enable quick cleaning and easy access to the contents.

DCL800TM: This trailer-mounted model can meet your high-capacity leaf vacuuming and debris collection needs. Choose between an 87-horsepower Kubota gas engine or 74-horsepower John Deere diesel engine. Four hopper options ranging from 14 to 30 cubic yards are also available. The 28-inch impeller and 16-inch vacuum hose with electronic controls deliver powerful suction to save time and increase productivity.

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The benefits of purchasing ODB Xtreme Vac equipment include:

  • Exceptionally engineered products built to last.
  • Innovation that sets the industry standard.
  • Top-notch warranty coverage with the lowest rate in the market.
  • Superior service from capable ODB leaf vac dealers like MTech.


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At MTech, our municipal leaf vacuums are made from premium materials with built-to-last designs. When you buy from us, we work to identify your unique operational needs to find the ideal trailer model for your usage.

We continue to support you long after your purchase. With 24/7 onsite service, we respond to your maintenance and repair needs as soon as possible. Our technicians provide thorough service to ensure the longevity of your equipment. Our extensive support network of manufacturers ensures you receive the most reliable equipment possible. MTech is a true partner in your municipal cleanup requirements.

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