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The team over at PipeHunter have the unique advantage of appreciating small teams of people that get big things done. "We don’t want to be the biggest equipment manufacturer out there, we just want to make the best equipment."

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PipeHunter Sewer Jet/Vacuum Trailers & Trucks

PipeHunter is a Texas-based manufacturer of equipment for the sewer cleaning industry. Their vacuum trucks and hydro-excavation trailers are feature-filled and powerful, and their unique camera system solutions help contractors and municipalities gain visibility in hard-to-reach areas. Nearly every aspect of their machines can be customized to fit your unique specifications.

MTech is proud to offer these excellent equipment options to our customers. We are Ohio and Michigan's exclusive dealer for PipeHunter products, so we can provide the best deals in the region for this equipment brand.

PipeHunter Trailer Jetters

The trailer jetter is one of PipeHunter's main offerings, so this product is the top of the line in its class. We have two trailer jetters available — single axle and tandem axle. The single axle trailer holds a 300- to 500-gallon water tank with a 1/2- or 3/4-inch jet hose attachment. This tank capacity is high enough to complete any sewer cleaning work without requiring a refill. The hose features a 180-degree reel articulation mount to help you direct the water flow to every area.

The tandem-axle trailer jetter has a larger water tank capacity at 500 to 700 gallons, and the jet hose is available in 1/2-, 3/4- and 1-inch sizes. This bigger tank is ideal for longer or more challenging sewer cleaning applications. This hose is also on a 180-degree reel articulation mount for greater accessibility.

Both trailer jetters have a triplex giant water pump that delivers a powerful water flow and optional features like an antifreeze package, hydrant fill strainer, footage counters and strobe lighting.

PipeHunter Jet Trucks

The PipeHunter jet truck provides maximum jetting power in an economical machine. Where combination trucks can be costly, and trailer units are hard to maneuver, the jet truck eliminates these issues by housing all these features in a cost-effective, compact truck body.

We have two models available that vary in water tank and hose length capacity, so you can select the jet truck you need for your application. The larger jet truck can hold a 1,000- to 3,000-gallon water tank with up to 1,200 feet of hose. The smaller machine has a 500- to 700-gallon water tank capacity and up to 800 feet of hose. Apart from these differences, these models offer the same standard features, including:

  • 180-degree hose reel articulation to direct the water flow.
  • Reel-mounted controls for conveniently located oversight.
  • A Giant triplex water pump to provide a powerful jet spray for sewer cleaning.
  • A protective polyurethane coating on the frame and reel.

Whichever model you choose, you can also add on optional features to ensure that your jet truck can do everything you need at the job site. These features include:

  • A washdown system for cleaning.
  • A backup camera for easier maneuvering.
  • Footage counters to record distance in the sewer system.
  • An antifreeze package to protect the jet truck in cold weather.

PipeHunter Sidekick Easement Machines

The sidekick machine is designed for hard-to-access or off-road job sites that are inaccessible to trucks and trailers — attach it to your off-road vehicle and jet your lines. Compared to similar units on the market, the PipeHunter sidekick easement machines offer exceptional flexibility, letting you work almost anywhere for any application.

You can choose to have your sidekick easement machine sit on a track system or wheel system, either of which can navigate any terrain. You can use the full length of your jetter's hose plus an additional 600 to 1,000 feet of 3/4-inch or 1-inch hose from the easement machine to help you reach your desired location. The hydraulic hose reel can rotate more than 180 degrees for optimal positioning.

Your sidekick easement machine can also be fitted with optional features that will help you complete work more efficiently at your job site, including:

  • A trailer-mounted toolbox for equipment storage.
  • Extendable tracks for maneuvering.
  • A custom tilt-deck transport trailer to move the machine to the job site location easily.
  • Additional LED lighting for poor lighting conditions or work after hours.
  • Footage counters to track the distance into the sewer system.

PipeHunter Mini Combo Trucks

The PipeHunter vacuum truck is a combination cleaner with a vacuum and water system. Its simplicity and performance mean easy fixes and less downtime so you can accomplish more at the job site. It also does not require a CDL license, so anyone can operate the mini combo truck.

The vacuum system has a 3-yard debris tank capacity, which is filled by a boom that can extend and rotate. This capacity is enough to complete the job with room to spare in the tank. The rolled aluminum water tank can hold 600 gallons, and it can mount on the front or rear reel. The direct-drive water pump provides the jetting power required for sewer system cleaning. These systems are housed on an Under CDL chassis with a 240-horsepower engine.

The mini combo truck also offers other features, like a body wash-out system to keep the vacuum components clean and a backup camera system for easy maneuverability.

PipeHunter Hydro-Excavation Trucks

This truck model is equipped with a high pressure water pump and debris excavating vacuum system for hydro-excavation work. We have models available with 5 to 25 gallons of water flow per minute and 3- to 15-yard debris tank capacities. This variety allows you to get the exact truck you need for your job site. Other standard features for the hydro-excavation truck include:

  • A triplex Giant water pump for maximum excavating power.
  • A 6- or 8-inch vacuum with a positive distribution blower, protected by a stainless steel final filter.
  • A 50-foot retractable reel for the hydro-excavation gun.
  • A polyurethane coating on the truck for protection.

These trucks also have many optional features you can add on to make operations easier. Some of these features include:

  • A wireless remote for control anywhere you are.
  • Toolboxes for equipment storage.
  • An antifreeze package to protect the hydro-excavation truck in cold weather.
  • Strobe lights and additional lighting options for poorly lit or after-hours work conditions.

PipeHunter Hydro-Excavation/Combo Trailers

PipeHunter hydro-excavation and combo trailers provide the same capabilities as their truck counterparts, but without the chassis.

We have many debris and water tank sizes available, so you can select the specifications that will work best for your application. The debris tank capacity ranges from 1 to 5 yards and the water tank from 300 to 600 gallons. The 1/2-, 3/4- or 1-inch jet hose is stored on the hose reel, which has more than 180-degree articulation for ideal positioning. Its positive displacement blower provides many options for your power needs.

This combo trailer can be fitted with optional features like a backup camera, strobe lights and footage counters.

Jr. PipeHunter Skids

The Jr. PipeHunter skid is a portable skid that delivers on-the-go jetting power for plumbers, municipalities and similar applications. It can be used with a flatbed or the back of a van or truck, and it will fit between the wheel wells of a pickup.

The water supply is stored in a 225-gallon polymer water tank and pumped out with a triplex Giant water pump. The result is a powerful jet flow of 3,000 PSI at 15 GPM. The 100-foot garden hose fill reel length is enough to reach most locations.

You can also equip your junior skid with some optional features, including:

  • A multiflow valve.
  • Tools.
  • A trailer with a skid mounted to the base.
  • Nozzles.
  • A steel locking toolbox.

PipeHunter Jet Eye Camera System

The Jet Eye camera allows operators to get a live look at their sewer lines while simultaneously jet cleaning. It's equipped with a 400-foot camera reel, which can maneuver down into the system wherever you need visibility. The camera can be used with various skates to fit into lines as small as 6 inches.

While the camera is in use, operators can see the footage on a 7-inch LCD viewing screen. It records up to 75 hours of video to DVR, which can be viewed on a PC or burned to a DVD. Use the footage to:

  • Measure your production: Using the Jet Eye program is simple, and you can measure and evaluate everything you clean.
  • Keep your workers accountable: Because the program records everything your team did that day, you can see what was accomplished and what still needs to be done.
  • Gather data about interior quality: The camera shows you exactly what the system's interior is like, so you can quickly identify problems or the status of your work.

MTech 24/7 Support and On-Site Service

MTech is committed to providing customers with quality PipeHunter hydro-excavation trucks and dedicated support after the sale. We offer 24/7 support and on-site service. An MTech technician will be available by phone at all times to navigate software support and product issues. If your PipeHunter jet trucks need repairs, our team will come to your location to perform maintenance.

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