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Dyna-Vac manufactures a complete line of vacuum pumping and sewer cleaning trucks and trailers. Every machine that leaves the factory tells a story, and the products that they manufacture reflect the dedication and craftsmanship of the people behind it. Dyna-Vac believes that every unit is an opportunity to build a lasting partnership with the customer and we are devoted to providing you with the highest quality equipment and service available!

Dyna-Vac Dyna-Jet Trucks

The Dyna-Jet truck is a straight jetter truck with a heated box enclosure that houses the hose reel and water pump, making it ideal for winter operations. Its features are practical for both the operator and the maintenance personnel.

The Dyna-Jet sewer jetting truck has a hydrostatic drive system that allows for variable speed pump controls. These controls are remote so that you can use the system from any point. The General pumps have a rate of 5 to 40 gallons per minute (GPM) for efficient cleaning.

The Dyna-Jet truck standard options are an immediate solution for sewer cleaning. You can also add custom equipment options to meet your particular requirements, such as an automatic level wind system, remote wireless control and extendable pivoting hose reel.

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Dyna-Vac Dyna-Jet Trailers

The Dyna-Jet has all the practical features of the Dyna-Jet truck in a trailer package. These sewer jetting trailers are equipped with General triplex industrial pumps that provide up to 40 GPM for efficient cleaning. The molded polyethylene water storage tank is available in 350- or 700-gallon capacities, both of which come set with a low water alarm to remind you to fill the tank.

The Dyna-Jet trailer can be custom-made for your needs. Choose a fixed or articulating reel or an enclosure that is open, partially enclosed or fully enclosed. The trailer itself is made with an HD tubular steel frame for durability and has extensive storage for all your equipment.

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Dyna-Vac Vacuum Trucks

Vacuum trucks are used for grease trap service, septic service and cleaning catch basins, sewers and pits. Their durable construction and components are designed for extreme applications and will provide lasting service. Each part of the Dyna-Vac vacuum truck is made to order from quality materials, and you can customize this model with stainless steel or aluminum hose trays or other options that work best in your particular industry.

This vacuum truck comes equipped with a rotary vane or high-vac PD pumps, whichever you request for your pumping needs. The rotary vane system can be air-, liquid- or fan-cooled. This pump empties into a single-axle steel tank rated for up to 2,500 gallons or an aluminum tank holding up to 2,800 gallons. Whichever tank option you select, you will benefit from a high-capacity reservoir that will last through the entire workday with no need to empty.

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Dyna-Vac Vacuum Trailers

Dyna-Vac vacuum trailers offer maximum power on a compact vehicle. Our vacuum trailers have industrial series vacuum pumps with 1,200 CFM (or higher). It can vacuum up to 16 in-hg of pressure, and the debris passes through an inlet filter with a wire mesh element. During operation, the exhaust silencer will quiet the pump’s noise.

The debris empties into the debris tank, which is available in 300- to 1,200-gallon configurations to last all day without needing to be emptied. The trailer itself is made of a tubular steel frame and torsion bar axles with electric brakes, so it is easy to maneuver to your job site.

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Dyna-Vac Jet-N-Vac Combination/HX Trucks

Dyna-Vac combination/hydro-excavation trucks can jet and vac sewer lines in addition to performing hydro-excavating jobs. This versatility makes the Jet-N-Vac the best choice for challenging tasks like cleaning sewers and catch basins as well as potholing

The main advantage of the combination/HX truck is its large size, which provides maximum power and performance. Nevertheless, this model is also highly economical. The truck body is made of a tubular steel frame and has a modular design, which is easy to customize. Each module comes with plenty of storage space, so you can have everything you need on hand.

These trucks boast a vacuum system operating at up to 2,400 CFM, while their jetter pumps to 40 GPM. As the vacuum pumps, its Lil Hummer exhaust silencer keeps the work area quiet. The jetters are directed through a variable speed water pump that allows easy control of the nozzle pressure. With a debris tank capacity of 1,200 gallons,this truck lets you work all day without needing to empty the tank.

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Dyna-Vac Jet-N-Vac Combination/HX Trailers

MTech also carries combination sewer cleaning trailers suitable for cleaning sewers and catch basins, hydro-excavating and wastewater plant maintenance. Its vacuum pump can reach 2,400 CFM and 16 in-hg of pressure, powered by its direct-drive motor. The debris goes through a two-stage intake filtration system before it reaches the debris tank. These trailers can hold up to 1,000 gallons of debris on a sturdy tubular steel frame.

The water pump for cleaning sewer systems is a General triplex industrial pump with a 1/2-inch or 3/4-inch jetting system. The hose reaches up to 500 feet, and the hose reel is hydraulically powered. This capability and length allow you to clean each area thoroughly.

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Dyna-Vac Rhino Easement Machine

Dyna-Vac Rhino Easement Machine

The Dyna-Vac Rhino Easement Machine is a reel crawler that is mobile, self-contained and highly rugged. This device allows you to remotely operate sewer jet equipment so that you can reach inaccessible areas. Think of it as an extension cord for your sewer jetter.

The 35-inch-wide system has a hydraulic reel in and out with speed controls. It’s powered by a Kohler 23-horsepower gas engine and hydrostatic drive system. During operation, the easement machine’s footage counter will keep track of the distance in the sewer system. Because the jetter hose is 500 feet long, you’ll be able to access every area for cleaning.

The chassis of the easement machine has a 5,000-pound capacity and is built for maximum longevity. The rubber track and its controls for speed and direction make the easement machine highly maneuverable, even across tough terrain. Work lights aid any work completed in dark areas or at night.

The Dyna-Vac easement machine comes with many options, including an auto-level wind guide, a hydraulic tool circuit and a fold-down drive platform. This customization allows you to get an easement machine suited to your needs.

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Dyna-Vac Dyna-Lite Grease Trap Pumper

Dyna-Vac Dyna-Lite Grease Trap Pumper

The Dyna-Lite portable grease trap pumping system is ideal for hard-to-reach areas like catch basins, machine sumps and grease traps in supermarkets, restaurants and hospitals that need remote vacuum pumping capabilities. For any remote pumping service, this pumper is the best-valued equipment you can find.

This model is made from heavy-duty steel with a fully opening cleanout hatch at the top. The tank is built into a tubular steel frame supported by rear tires. These tires, and the front and rear handlebars, allow for easy maneuvering.

Dyna-Vac powers this machine with a Marathon electric motor and a 49-CFM positive displacement vacuum pump that pumps debris quickly. Its exhaust deodorizer filter keeps indoor job sites free from unpleasant smells. When you need to unload the pressure, it can also operate in reverse. Vacuum and pressure gauges will help you regulate these levels for safety.

This grease trap pumper is easy to use. It plugs into any standard 15-amp outlet and offers simple operation. These mindful design features allow this pumper to be used anywhere that requires grease removal. Though the operation is straightforward, this machine uses the best technology available to get the job done efficiently.

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Dyna-Vac Vacuum Trucks and Sewer Cleaning Equipment

Sewer cleaning trucks and vacuum trucks are designed to vacuum out debris or sewage and jet clean sewer and storm lines. Dyna-Vac has manufactured Dyna-Jet trucks and Jet-N-Vac combination trucks for more than 20 years. Each product is made with their signature craftsmanship and dedication.


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At MTech, we carry numerous Dyna-Vac models to deliver our customers products that they can trust to perform reliably at any job site. As the dealer for Ohio, Michigan, and West PA, we are the best place in the region to get Dyna-Vac jet trucks and trailers.

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MTech is a sewer inspection and cleaning equipment dealer operating in Ohio, Michigan and Western PA, providing industrial products for infrastructure maintenance. We are proud to offer Dyna-Vac products and equipment from other reputable manufacturers. All of our trucks, trailers and accessories are among the best in the industry.

In addition to our many options, we also provide after-sale support for our customers. When you buy one of our Dyna-Vac vacuum trucks, you will benefit from 24/7 phone support connecting you to our experts to help you solve any software and product issues you may have. This partnership will support your operations and increase your productivity.

With our on-site maintenance service, our technicians will come to your location, no matter where you are, to repair and service your machine. This capability means you don’t have to bring your equipment in for service, which saves you time, allows you to complete more work and reduces your repair costs for a boost to your bottom line.

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