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No job is complete without the right tools. Whether you need to locate underground utilities, attach a specialized nozzle to your system or fix up your truck, we've got the right stuff.

MTech offers a wide array of tools and accessories, including nozzles, locating equipment, sewer tools, truck parts, sewer plugs and smoke and dye to assist you in servicing all of your sewer needs.

Sewer Nozzles

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Locating Equipment

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Sewer Tools And Truck Parts

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RIDGID Utility and Pipe Locators

When it comes to locating utility lines, reliability is key. Without a product you can trust, you're playing with fire. That's why we work with RIDGID and Schonstedt — two manufacturers that build every piece of equipment with quality and reliability at the forefront.

From RIDGID, we have a variety of utility locating equipment available that use electromagnetic frequencies to find any obstructions waiting beneath the soil. They are lightweight but powerful, with specialized options to help you find specific materials so you can avoid mismarking or identifying the wrong utility line.

All SeekTech and Navitrack locators include a receiver component and can accomplish active and passive searches. We also carry RIDGID SeekTech line transmitters, with multiple frequencies for direct connection and induction. Each product is built tough, so you can expect rugged reliability every time.

A utility and pipe locator from RIDGID works for utilities made of metal, like electric, phone, water and gas pipelines, along with tracer wire. It won't work for plastic or other non-metal utilities unless a tracer wire or other metallic linear item is included.

Schonstedt Magnetic Detectors

We also have several products from Schonstedt that offer magnetic detection. These detectors are best for finding single points, like a property corner pin. They work with ferrous objects like iron and steel and ignore other metals, making them inappropriate for pipe and cable detection.

Some of the items they can detect include:

  • Survey pins, markers and nails.
  • Water and gas valves.
  • Manhole covers.
  • Underground storage tanks.
  • Unexploded ordnance.
  • Ductile iron water pipes.

Sewer Nozzles

If you need to clean out a line, sewer nozzles are a necessity. Sometimes you'll need a multitude of nozzles to clean out one line, with each dedicated to a different task. We carry a vast array of sewer nozzles from some of the best manufacturers out there; including Stoneage Warthog, Advanced Workhorse, Red Dawg Nozzles and American Sewer Parts.

With all of these options, you can find the perfect nozzle for the job, whether that's a rotating sewer jetter nozzle, a hydro-excavation nozzle or anything in between.

As you encounter different materials caked into a pipe, you'll need varying degrees of pressure and flow to appropriately clean it. Differing jet angles will also influence the way the nozzle works. A higher angle might be good for cleaning the walls but won't propel the nozzle very much, whereas lower angles would push through the line quickly and move debris back. If you're not sure which you need, don't hesitate to contact us for assistance.

Other Tools

We also have a wide selection of truck parts and sewer equipment for sale, including flex sewer hoses, tubes, dye tablets, root cutters, cleaning tools, sand traps and much more. These tools come from our partners, Southland Tools, American Sewer Parts, Advanced Sewer Tools and Cherne Industries, Inc. and are available at our Ohio and Michigan locations.

MTech Tools and Accessories

We take pride in serving the Ohio, Michigan  and Western PA areas which is why working with MTech means you take advantage of the MTech difference — you get high-quality products and support with each product. And if you need help, we know them inside and out and can help you find the right one.

With our shop in Cleveland Ohio, we're able to fully service Ohio, Michigan and Western PA including Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.

Browse our online selection today or give us a call if you have any questions.