Sewer Tools And Truck Parts

We provide high quality, specialized sewer cleaning tools for cities across the country. We are always looking for ways to solve your special cleaning or problem project. Just give us a call to discuss.

We offer a wide variety of truck parts. From flex sewer hoses and sewer hoses to sewer cleaning parts, our truck parts offering is available to cities across the United States in need of assistance with replacement parts or additional/backup parts for sewer trucks.

Southland Tools

Southland Tools was founded on decades of experience designing and manufacturing sewer-cleaning equipment. The Puma Tools line of equipment represents the strength to last through many jobs and the agility to adapt to your needs. This brand offers an extensive selection of sewer tools and truck parts for everything you need to complete a job. 

The products you can find from Southland include jet and vacuum tools like hose guides, tube holders and industrial vacuum equipment. You can also find sewer rodding tools like manhole lifters and covers, root saws, power rod drivers and guide hoses. Don't see what you are looking for? Southland will be happy to custom make a tool to meet your exact needs.

American Sewer Parts

American Sewer Parts is a one-stop shop for all sewer cleaning needs. Their products are expertly made and one-of-a-kind, offering a unique approach to benefit your operation. The American Sewer vac truck sewer accessories we sell include root cutters, leader hoses, sewer cleaning tubes and hose mending equipment. 

Here are a few parts offered:

  • Debris and Kanaflex hoses: These rubber hoses are used for vacuuming debris. They are available in various lengths and widths to fit different areas of a vacuum unit. 
  • Tuff Tube products: These seamless aluminum tubes protect against repeated bumping and banging at job sites. You can find various intake and catch basin tubes from this brand. 
  • Piranha hose repair tools: This equipment quickly repairs damaged or worn sewer cleaning hoses on the job site so you can return to work. Tools available include hose repair fittings, swage machines and pusher plates. 

Advanced Workhorse Sewer Tools

A manufacturer that is well known for their high quality sewer nozzles, Advanced Workhorse also offers a wide selection of extraordinary sewer cleaning tools, including utility hole, jetting and rodding equipment. Their instruments aim for precision cleaning that frees pipes from as much debris and grime as possible. We also carry various new or replacement parts from this manufacturer. 

Here are a few things you can buy for your sewer cleaning trucks from this brand:

  • Fiberglass poles
  • Maintenance hole rollers
  • Easement carts
  • Hydraulic root cutters
  • Nozzle extensions
  • Rodding Quick Coupling system
  • Rod turning tools
  • Rod bending kits
  • Porcupines

Cherne Sewer Plugs

Cherne Industries began creating products for municipal maintenance in 1953. This extended service record has built the brand's reputation for high-quality, reliable products. Contractors and municipal engineers worldwide trust their devices for sewer cleaning and maintenance. The brand offers two varieties of sewer plugs:

  • Pneumatic plugs: These inflatable plugs can be inserted into a sewer system and expanded to provide a durable seal. This category has three varieties: blocking, bypass and sewer air test plugs.
  • Mechanical plugs: Rather than inflating, these devices are tightened with a screw to stop the flow. They work well for sealing round pipes. 

Their inflatable plugs use natural rubber for a firm seal, and many include bolts and handles to provide easy placement in any pipe system. Mechanical plugs use glass-reinforced plastic for long-term use. They also have zinc, stainless steel or aluminum hardware, increasing durability. 

See Purpose-Built Products in Action Before Buying

Suitable sewer cleaning and maintenance tools can advance your work and make your operation run more smoothly. That's why MTech offers product demonstrations to show you the available tools before you buy. Get in touch to schedule a demo today. 

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