Bucher Municipal Sweepers

Bucher Municipal is now under one roof in Mooresville, North Carolina. Trusted since 1904, Bucher Municipal continues to be the global leader in the manufacturing of street sweepers to over 80 countries worldwide. Each sweeper is engineered with the with the purpose of making street sweeping simple, reliable and productive. When it comes to street sweeping, Bucher Municipal is all about delivering the right sweeper (regenerative air sweepers, vacuum sweepers, mechanical sweepers, electric sweepers, diesel-powered sweepers, truck mounted sweepers, etc.) for any application while maintaining the lowest cost of operation and producing incomparable performance; that’s what we call Endless Sweeping Solutions.

Bucher V65 Chassis Mounted Vacuum Sweeper

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Bucher V80 Chassis Mounted Vacuum Sweeper

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Bucher E35m Chassis Mounted Mechanical Sweeper

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Bucher R65m Chassis Mounted Regenerative Air Sweeper

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Bucher CityCat 5006 Compact Vacuum Sweeper

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Bucher CityCat V20 Compact Vacuum Sweeper

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Bucher CityCat V20e Electric Compact Vacuum Sweeper

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The Bucher CityCat 5006 is featured in this video and offers a perfect example of what the Bucher Municipal lineup is capable of performing.

Bucher Municipal Street Sweepers

Bucher Municipal has been a recognized street sweeper manufacturer since 1904. Their products are designed to provide excellent performance while keeping operating costs low. MTech has many Bucher Municipal sweepers for sale, ranging from pure vacuum to mechanical to regenerative air and even compact machines, available for a deal you won't find elsewhere in Ohio and Michigan.

Bucher V65/V80 Chassis Mounted Pure Vacuum Street Sweepers

The V65 vacuum sweeper is possibly the most versatile street sweeper in the world. The debris body and water tank are constructed of 100% stainless steel with a full lifetime warranty. An optional catch basin cleaner and high pressure street flusher mean endless possibilities for the VT. With its eco-friendly, fuel-efficient engine, you can work longer on one tank of gas. Its top performance also comes from its smart machine technology that simplifies operations and streamlines services.

Its large gutter broom and wide sweep broom provide a 12-foot sweep path and a straight inlet vacuum, providing a one-pass sweeping system that helps operators work more efficiently. Debris goes into the large-capacity 8.5-cubic-yard hopper to keep users running longer between stops. The VT series Bucher vacuum sweeper truck pairs top motor power and effective sweeping equipment for a robust and reliable street sweeper. These specifications make the VT ideal for municipal street cleaning and heavy-duty work sites. Whether you are on an access road or city street, this machine will efficiently pick up dirt and heavy debris.

It has a 28-inch gutter broom, and the operator can adjust its speed and down pressure with convenient cab controls. Its other sweeping component is a 50-inch-wide sweep brush, equipped with a brush release system and rotation speed up to 160 rpm. This setup results in a maximum sweeping path of 12 feet, so you can do the minimum number of passes while getting the full amount of debris. With the high-capacity hopper of the V80 rated at 10.5 cubic yards, you can pick up more with fewer trips to dump.

This sweeper truck can be fitted with custom options like a camera monitoring system, pneumatic vibrating hopper screens and in-cab gutter broom lateral control.

Bucher E35m Chassis Mounted Mechanical Street Sweeper

We offer chassis mounted mechanical street sweepers from the E35m series. This model's sweeping equipment includes:

  • A gutter broom with a 44-inch diameter and digger type clean.
  • A main brush 58 inches wide and attached to fully floating trailing arms to adapt to various road surfaces.
  • A "T" plate or brush dirt shoes.

The brooms are driven by a direct-coupled hydraulic motor and allow for speed and digging pressure adjustments in the cab. A load-sensing hydraulic system for the 4.5-cubic-yard hopper helps the E35m sweeper perform reliably. The E35m is also highly productive with a 12-foot sweeping path and an 18.5-foot turning radius, meaning operators can sweep and load faster while picking up more debris.

The chassis is powered by a Cummins engine that is fuel-efficient and works hard to promote maximum productivity. The simple design lets operators perform maintenance or other work quickly so they can spend more time sweeping. Warning lights for low hydraulic oil, hopper position and conveyor stall promote operator safety.

Bucher R65m Chassis Mounted Regenerative Air Street Sweeper

The R65m regenerative air sweeper truck is the perfect combination of high performance and low cost of ownership. This machine will work in even the most challenging environments thanks to its stainless steel body and high-power suction.

The R65m has a forward-facing 44-inch gutter broom that can rotate up to 135 RPM. The brush is set to one of three lateral working positions — standard, extended and narrow — so the operator can choose the best position based on what's neededThis air sweeper truck also has a set-and-go pickup head with a 144-inch sweep path for greater efficiency.

Regenerative air sweeping means the air is recycled through the machine rather than being discharged, resulting in less dust and a cleaner performance.

Bucher CityCat 5006 Compact Vacuum Street Sweeper

The CityCat 5006 is a compact vacuum street sweeper that uses a high power suction nozzle to collect debris. Every aspect of this new technology can be controlled by one hand, as all functions are reachable from the driver's seat for convenience. The operator can also use the machine's four-wheel steering to improve control and maneuverability while lowering the turning radius.

The sweeping brushes can be positioned on either side for total coverage. This unit's high suction power and large 7.3 cubic yard hopper allow users to collect a lot of debris in one pass, including bulky material. If the brushes encounter an obstacle, they will retract to prevent damage. Agility and maneuverability coupled with power and performance for the ideal compact machine.

MTech 24/7 Support and On-Site Service

MTech is Ohio and Michigan's exclusive dealer for the Bucher Municipal street sweepers and other industrial products. Customers who choose to work with us benefit from reliable machinery and dedicated support from our customer service and maintenance teams.

MTech will always be available to help. You'll have access to 24/7 phone support, where our representatives will address and resolve your software and product issues. If your equipment isn't working correctly, we will come to your facility, no matter the location, and make the necessary repairs.

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