Cues Pipeline Rehabilitation

Cues Pipeline Rehabilitation Systems

For exceptional pipeline rehabilitation systems, MTech carries a wide range of Cues products to help keep your infrastructure system in peak shape.


Cues-Lock products are designed for spot repair and to enhance the quality of cured-in-place relining. They are easy to install, require minimal equipment and can often be used for repair in live sewer operating conditions. Cues-Lock products include:

  • Stents: Bridge cracks, holes, voids and broken sections in pipes with these durable stents, or use them for easy installation of cured-in-place pipes. They can also be used to push delaminating or sagging cured-in-place pipes back in place.
  • Structural and sealer sleeves: Restore damaged areas to their full structural strength and seal infiltration areas using these sleeves prior to relining.
  • End sealers: Seal the annular space between the host pipe and the cured-in-place liner to prevent the ends of the liner from sagging or delaminating.

Cues Grouting Systems

Cues manufactures a variety of grouting systems including vehicles, computerized control systems and chemical sealing packers.

Custom Grout Inspection Vehicles

Cues line of portable and truck-mounted grout rehabilitation systems are used for lateral sealing and mainline joint sealing and can be equipped with CCTV pipe inspection software. Use them to stop leaks in sewers, tanks, tunnels, manholes, vaults and other applications.

Grouting systems offer many benefits. Chemical grouting is the least disruptive and least expensive rehabilitation method available, and it also offers the best long-term defense against groundwater infiltration into structurally sound sewer systems.

Easy Grout

Easy Grout is a computerized grout control system that leads you through the grouting process. It includes tool tips and help files to make it easy for new users and to refresh previous users. With automated entry logic, the system provides recommended settings based on pipe depth, length and other specifications. Because the system is a computerized interface not physically tied to equipment, it can be used wherever there is a computer connection.

Chemical Sealing Packers

Cues manufactures both low void and compact collapsable packers. Low void packers are compatible with chemical grouting materials such as urethane and acrylamides and are available for 8" to 42" pipe diameter sizes. They have both water and air testing capabilities, and they can be operated with existing Cues grout systems.

Compact collapsable packers provide advanced joint sealing for large sewers. They can be quickly disassembled for easy insertion, and the packer cylinder is made of aluminum to minimize corrosion.

Cues Lateral Reinstatement Cutters

Cues Kangaroo cutters are lateral reinstatement cutters that are designed to reinstate service laterals. They can also be used to remove roots and protruding service laterals from the mainline once the pipe lining process is complete. They are waterproof and built to withstand the vibration and shock of everyday use in these applications.

These cutters are available in Small and Giant sizes that can both be operated with the Dual Kangaroo Cutter Controller. The Small Kangaroo cutter is for use in relined pipes with 6" to 12" diameter, and the Giant Kangaroo cutter is for use in relined pipes with 12" to 30" diameter.

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