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The Benefits of Cues Cameras and Transporters

For reliable pipeline inspection equipment, Cues offers a complete line of versatile cameras and transporters to fit your job. At MTech, we are the exclusive dealer in Ohio and Michigan with a full line of Cues sewer cameras and transporters for sale. Cues cameras and transporters have several useful applications in municipalities and sewer industries. You can count on Cues — one of the best names in the business — to get you the right equipment. The advantages of choosing Cues include:

  • A variety of sizes: Cues offers cameras and transporters in multiple sizes to accommodate sewers and pipes in many areas. For example, the Ultra Shorty 21 is a great choice for 6- to 36-inch pipeline inspections. The Cues Steerable Mudmaster is a convenient option for much larger pipelines.
  • The latest technology: Cues cameras and transporters have all the latest technology, including enhanced zooming and lighting capabilities. Cues machines can also drive across all sorts of materials, including dirt, sludge, silt and mud.
  • Rugged durability: Cues cameras and transporters have increased functionality to ensure they are viable for pipelines and sewers in numerous conditions. They can navigate debris and other materials, and they have enhanced speed and torque abilities.

Our Selection of Cues Sewer Cameras and Transporters

Cues manufactures several models of portable sewer inspection cameras and transporters, including:

Cues Steerable Mudmaster

This camera transporter is designed with the necessary power, weight, all-wheel drive and high clearance for pipelines ranging from 24” to 200”. It operates with 2,000’ of single conductor cable or multi-conductor cable and combines pneumatic tires and high ground clearance. As a result, it has the camera stability and traction required to operate under the toughest pipeline conditions, including sand, high flow, deep mud and large amounts of debris.

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The WTR III is a 2-in-1 unit that can easily traverse varying pipe conditions with its wheeled or tracked options. It can inspect 6” relined through 30” pipe, and the camera connects directly with the transporter for protective carriage assembly.

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Cues OZIII Cameras

Both cameras are designed for imaging in 6″ to 96″ pipe with automatic and remote function capabilities as well as built-in LED lighting for high-quality images in varying pipe conditions.

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These pan-and-tilt cameras with optical zoom offer superior imaging capabilities. A high-quality 40:1 zoom ratio with both optical and digital zoom makes these cameras the class of the industry.

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Cues DUC (Digital Universal Camera)

The DUC is a high-resolution, side-scanning digital CCTV camera designed for fast and detailed condition assessment of your wastewater system. When used with the GraniteNet decision support software, you can inspect and assess 5,000′ or more per day. The system performs a continuous hemispherical scan of the internal pipe conditions in 6″ to 60” pipe at a consistent speed without the need to pan or tilt. Coding back in the office means more productivity for your crews in the field and more footage.

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Cues Ultra Shorty III

The Ultra Shorty III inspects 6″ to 24″ lines and the Ultra Shorty 21 inspects 6″ to 36″ lines.

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Cues Ultra Shorty 21

Cues Ultra Shorty 21

The Ultra Shorty series includes the Ultra Shorty III and Ultra Shorty 21. Both are variable weight tracked transporters that can inspect lines with protruding laterals and major offsets.

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Steerable Pipe Ranger II

Steerable Pipe Ranger II

The Steerable Pipe Ranger II is specifically designed to traverse mud, silt and other debris commonly found in storm and sanitary sewers. It operates as much as 2,000’ of single-conductor or multi-conductor cable to inspect 7” relined pipe through 72” diameter pipe.

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Compact Pipe Ranger (CPR)

This series of multi-conductor wheeled transporters include the Compact Pipe Ranger (CPR) and Steerable Pipe Ranger II. The CPR is a durable and lightweight steerable CCTV camera transporter that is used to inspect storm and sanitary sewers of 6” relined pipe through 48” diameter pipe. It is designed to travel long distances in tough pipe conditions with full-proportional steering.

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At MTech, our teams work to ensure your satisfaction with all the cameras and transporters we offer. We will be here for you from the beginning of the buying process to the end of your product’s life cycle. Some of the benefits of working with MTech include:

  • Industry expertise: We have been working within the sewer industry since 1975. Through decades of experience, we have acquired an understanding of all the unique aspects of jobs in sewers and pipelines.
  • Top-of-the-line brands: Our team curates premium products from reputable brands in the sewer industry. Cues is one of the top names you can purchase for cameras and transporters.
  • Outstanding customer service: The MTech team is dedicated to helping each customer find the equipment that will work best for them. Our goal is to do more than sell you a product — we want to sit down with you to build a lasting relationship. We have staff members available for assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our team will work hard to provide service as quickly as possible with our network of loaners and parts.

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