Fall Protection

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When workers must go below ground in sewer systems or provide maintenance for utilities at a height, fall protection systems keep them safe and allow them to work more productively without fear of injury. MTech sells various fall protection products from premium brands. Learn more about the brands we sell and the equipment available.

 Their comprehensive equipment line protects workers in almost any environment, with products like confined space equipment, rescue systems, vertical climbing and horizontal lifeline equipment. 

All products are American made right in nearby Pennsylvania, offering the high level of quality control essential to comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines. You can find a complete set of equipment in the product catalog, with everything from harnesses and lanyards to anchors and guardrails. 


Pelsue is a long-time leader in confined space equipment with a record in the industry stretching back to 1963. Two ISO-certified factories in Colorado mean your operation can rely on this brand for high-quality products. Their fall protection equipment includes:

  • Self-retracting lifelines
  • Equipment hoists
  • Fall arrest posts
  • Portable fall protection systems
  • Personnel hoists
  • Rescue tripods
  • Fall arrest posts
  • Harnesses

Their products work well for construction and maintenance crews in various industries. They manufacture equipment with adaptability in mind, meaning you can use the versatile bases for almost any fall protection situation with modifications to meet your specific needs.


3M has long been a trusted name in creating products for commercial applications. Their DBI-SALA equipment line provides trusted fall protection. The brand focuses on innovation and unmatched performance to provide expert safety and rescue solutions. Equipment from this company satisfies the three components of personal fall arrest systems:

  • Anchorages: Provide a secure point to hold workers no matter the industry or type of structure.
  • Body support: Use full-body harnesses to distribute a fall's force throughout the body while keeping workers secure.
  • Connectors: Link the body support and anchorages with connectors like shock-absorbing lanyards.

The equipment suits various industries with adaptable designs and products for specialized jobs. Workers for municipalities, construction, mining and general industries can get the protection they need from 3M products. 

MTech Confined Space Package

MTech offers a complete package to save your business the trouble of buying equipment separately and keep your crews in compliance. This package works well for various industries, including sewer, safety and street work. The complete set includes an aluminum tripod, work winch, three-way fall protection winch, full-body harness, confined space gas monitor and all the necessary pulleys and carabiners to complete the setup. 

You can also adapt the kit to fit your operation by adding various sizes of blowers and a calibration kit. Buying the equipment together often allows you to save money on the tools your workers need to enter maintenance holes, vents or silos safely.

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Fall protection equipment is an essential component of your gear. It keeps workers safe when climbing, working at height or performing maintenance underground. Contact our team today! You can discuss your equipment requirements with MTech online to get a quote for the equipment you need.

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