A-Series Autonomous Mowing Robots

Advanced Products with cutting-edge technology 

Autonomous RC Mowers Announcement 

MTech is excited to introduce the newest AMR robotic mowers available to our customers. Advanced products like the AMR A-60 use cutting-edge technology to boost productivity and enhance work site safety. 

Autonomous Mowing Robots let one person do the work of three, allowing you to complete the same tasks and generate revenue with less labor — a major benefit when the labor market is tight. These mowers also create new opportunities for growing profit since mowing services are the top revenue source for most landscaping companies.


A-Series Autonomous Mowing Robots

Model A-60 Product Specs

The A-60 model comes with the following specs:

  • A 60-inch cut
  • A 726cc engine with 23.5 horsepower
  • A Hydro-Gear® ZT-3200 transmission
  • A 5-gallon fuel tank
  • The ability to mow 1.5 to 2.2 acres of land per hour
  • A push-enabled parking brake when the operator is present or an automatic parking brake in autonomous mode
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Key Features and Benefits of Autonomous Commercial Mowers

AMR robotic mowers substantially lower an operation’s labor requirements, enabling you to scale your business, streamline your management load and let your best people do their best work. 

You can control these remote control comercial mowers directly from an app. The system displays helpful information about your equipment, such as progress and completion time, mower statuses and fuel levels. You’ll also be able to set mowing speeds, edit paths, pause or resume mowers, and sort mowing plans by location, name and other filters.

RCM Robotics

The AMR A-60 requires less labor to complete more work, and it empowers a single operator to deliver the output of three crew members using traditional equipment. Operating the A-60 model is simple and only requires a few steps:

  1. Unloading the mower and mowing the perimeter to establish paths for first-time mowing
  2. Mowing around restricted areas such as landscaping or water features to set boundaries on the initial mow
  3. Enabling robot mode, allowing the AMR to perform the mowing while the operator handles fine work like trimming
  4. Allowing the AMR to mow everything within the established perimeter while avoiding the restricted areas

While the AMR mows, it will stop or slow for anything in its path, including humans, animals or objects. The autonomous slope mower will return to work once the path is clear. Once the mower finishes its work, it will return to its starting position. The AMR can recall mowing plans by location, so you won’t need to worry about mowing around the restricted areas or perimeters once these locations are established.

Safety Systems and Advanced Tech

The A-60 utilizes advanced tech to bring you the best in automated mowers. Some of the advanced safety features available on the A-60 include:

  • Object detection and collision prevention
  • Safety interlock
  • Operator authentication
  • Automatic and remote emergency stop
  • Remote start

This model’s safety interlock ensures the mower will only operate autonomously when within the boundary. The mower will also stop when approached to prevent injury to operators, people and animals. 

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