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Please note, we can only rent these models for Cues – C542 push cameras, C550 portable mainline systems, and LAMPII lateral launch trucks.

For lateral and mainline inspection, MTech provides superior camera options from Cues, an industry-leading manufacturer, as well as RIDGID. The products we carry include:

Cues LAMPII Lateral Launcher

Cues LAMPII Lateral Launcher

LAMPII, the Cues lateral launch inspection camera, is a self-propelled CCTV tool for identifying inflows, infiltration, pipe defects, crossbores and other structural conditions. It features two cameras, one for pan, optical zoom and tilt operations (mainline), and one for lateral launching, as well as a transportation platform.

The LAMPII can traverse multiple wyes and bends against or with the flow and can inspect all laterals and mainlines in just one run. Other features include:

  • Multiple wheel sets available for 6″ to 42″ lines
  • Ability to traverse up to 1,000′ of mainline pipe and an additional 180′ into the lateral pipe.
  • Built-in sonde for lateral camera
  • Fixed view self-leveling and pan/tilt lateral cameras available
  • Compatible with existing Cues units

The LAMPII is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to simultaneously perform high quality mainline and lateral inspections in any size system.

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Cues flexiprobe C540c

Cues flexiprobe C540c

Use the flexiprobe C540c to create reports, stream video to your devices and perform fast, intuitive inspection. It is available with a range of reel options and high-resolution camera choices so you can find the perfect match for your application. The cameras provide bright white LEDs and high-resolution sensors to ensure a clear picture when submerged as far as 330′ deep.

The flexiprobe system also features the most intuitive and powerful Cues controller and offers a quick startup process, intuitive user interface and high-definition display. Packed with extra features such as 128 GB internal memory, built-in reporting software, and streaming video options.

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Cues MPlus+ Push Camera

Cues MPlus+ Push Camera

The Cues MPlus+ is one of the most feature-packed and flexible lateral and mini-mainline push systems on the market. It has a modular design and all-in-one setup for easy, quick and versatile operation. With its compact, lightweight construction, it can handle rigorous field use on remote or off-road job sites.

The unit features push cables with HDPE jackets and fiberglass rods that provide longer pushes and extended life. It also has many unique video capabilities including customizable screens for job documentation and a digital recorder for recording and playback. The MPlus is available with standard and XL coil options (up to 500′ in length) made from stainless steel with corrosion-resistant properties.

The standard system utilizes the same self-leveling lateral camera head from our LAMPII launchers and is also available with the optional pan/tilt lateral camera head.

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Ridgid SeeSnake Push Cameras

The Ridgid SeeSnake is a Ridgid push camera that uses TruSense technology for plumbing diagnostics. TruSense works by creating a two-way data path between the camera and the WiFi-enabled monitor. The sensors on the camera provide valuable information about the environment inside the pipe.

The SeeSnake cameras and TruSense technology combine to create a high dynamic range (HDR) image sensor that provides bright, saturated images to reduce the amount of pipe that is too dark to see and provide images with enhanced details and clarity. SeeSnake cameras also have an on-camera inclinometer called Tiltsense to give you an indicator of camera pitch.

The unit also has stiff push cables available in lengths up to 325′, making it ideal for long runs, especially in larger pipes with fewer turns. Multiple reel and monitor configurations are available to choose from, making your Ridgid system as versatile as you need to be.

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The Benefits of Using Cues Lateral Inspection Systems

Cues lateral inspection systems are premium, durable products that offer reliable, elevated operation. These advanced lateral inspection systems provide numerous user benefits, including:

  • Speed and thoroughness of assessment: You can complete inspections faster than ever and conduct detailed assessments that provide more insight into sewer line conditions than less efficient equipment with less detailed precise capabilities.
  • Reduced operating costs: The sewer lateral inspection system’s speed and accuracy can significantly lower your company’s expenses and contribute to a healthier bottom line with reduced operating costs.
  • More cost-efficient: You’ll get fast, reliable inspection results without investing in a full-size inspection vehicle, improving site efficiency and allowing you to complete reliable inspections in less time.
  • Lightweight and dependable product design: Cues designed these lateral sewer inspection systems to be light and easy to transport. Their rugged construction ensures they will perform flawlessly in the most challenging environments.
  • Works well in hard-to-reach areas: The system’s maneuverability enables you to access places in sewer lines that are off-limits to larger, bulkier equipment for a detailed inspection of the hardest-to-reach areas.
  • Compliant with all relevant regulations: All Cues lateral inspection systems comply with all regulatory and environmental guidelines, enabling you to operate them with total peace of mind.

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Cleveland-based MTech is proud to be the exclusive dealer for Cues lateral inspection systems in Ohio and Michigan. Our team is pleased to also represent Cues products in the pictured Western Pennsylvania counties.

Our on-site service model enables us to provide the prompt, attentive service you demand and deserve. Our familiarity with your business also allows us to recognize the unique sewer inspection challenges you face and how to overcome them with the right equipment. Trust the experts for equipment you can trust and service that elevates your experience.

Available in Ohio, Michigan and West PA


The Advantages of Working With MTech

When you choose MTech as your Cues lateral sewer inspection system provider, you get the following benefits:

  • Industry expertise: MTech has been offering industry-best sewer inspection equipment since 1975. Our extensive knowledge and experience enable us to recommend the right products for every customer, regardless of application or operating environment.
  • Quality products and services: We understand the importance of using reliable equipment you can trust to get the job done. Because we partner with Cues and other reputable manufacturers, you can feel confident that any product you acquire from us will increase productivity, minimize downtime and help you accomplish specialized tasks.
  • Customer support: We back every product with excellent service to maximize your user experience. You can reach our sales and service experts 24/7 if you have a question or need assistance. We’re also available to provide on-site service when needed — we strive to be there within 24 to 48 hours. We even offer training to ensure your crews can operate the equipment productively and safely.

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Whether you need a crossbore inspection camera or push camera, turn to MTech for Cues lateral and mainline inspection systems. In addition to high-quality Cues products, we provide fast and thorough on-site service for your support and delivery needs.

To find out more or schedule a demo, contact us today. We offer demos throughout Ohio, Michigan and Western PA including Pittsburgh!

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