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The MTech Rental Experience 

Maintaining our streets, sewer systems and public areas requires premium, long-lasting equipment designed for the specific task at hand. MTech is proud to be the go-to sewer, street and safety equipment rental provider in the greater Ohio, Michigan and Western Pennsylvania areas. We offer a broad selection of equipment for rent, ensuring your company or organization has the tools to manage these vital services effectively. When you rent a machine with MTech, you can rest assured that our team of experts will be there to provide you with unparalleled assistance.

24/7 Service and Support 

With our 24/7 phone support and on-site maintenance services, you can be confident that any concern will be resolved quickly. Additionally, our on-site maintenance service means we will come to you, no matter where you are, to repair your machine, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum productivity.

The MTech Rent-to-Purchase Option 

MTech offers rental clients a rent-to-purchase option (RPO), allowing you to buy the equipment you need when ready. 

Perhaps renting your sewer, street and safety equipment makes financial sense for your business right now. Maybe you prefer to test the equipment you want to buy over an extended period before purchasing. 

Either way, our RPO allows you to rent equipment over an agreed period with the option to purchase it. If you decide to buy the machine, we will deduct the sum of your rental payments from the total machine price, offering you a reduced purchase price.

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Super Products® Sewer Cleaning & Hydro-Excavation Truck Rentals

For advanced sewer truck rentals, look no further than our range of vacuum and hydro-excavation trucks designed and manufactured by Super Products®, the industry’s top manufacturer in this field. As a verified Super Products dealer, MTech offers various vacuum trucks for different applications, such as:

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Cues Sewer Inspection Camera and Equipment Rentals

Sewer monitoring is easy with world-class, precision Cues sewer inspection equipment at your fingertips. MTech offers an extensive range of cutting-edge Cues equipment and software to help sewer and wastewater management teams evaluate systems and prevent blockages. When you choose to rent Cues sewer cameras and equipment with MTech, you will have access to the following options- C542 push cameras, C550 portable mainline systems, and LAMPII lateral launch trucks. Please find each of those products and our entire Sewer Camera selection by visiting the links below.

MTech is the dedicated Cues agent for Ohio, Michigan and Western Pennsylvania.

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RC Mowers Remote Control Slope Mower Rental

Reduce labor costs and potential workplace accidents with our robotic mowers manufactured by industry leaders RC Mowers. We will be renting the R-Series product line only which is the specialist for steep slope safe mowing operations and this machine can tackle slopes up to 45 degrees. 

  • R-Series mowers: Improve worker safety when you rent any of our robust slope mowers, offering you a better first-pass yield, emergency shutdown and the ability to cut through thick brush on rough or awkward terrain confidently.
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Where We Serve

MTech is proud to be the go-to sewer, street and safety equipment rental provider in the greater Ohio, Michigan and Western Pennsylvania areas.

Available in Michigan, West PA and Ohio


Why MTech?

When you rent a machine from MTech you will have access to our phone support and on-site maintenance. Our experts will be available by phone 24/7 to resolve your product issues and software problems. You’ll also gain access to our on-site maintenance service, in which our team will travel to your location, no matter where you are, to repair your machine.



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