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CrewPlex and Sonetics Wireless Communicators

CrewPlex and Sonetics are two of the top brands in the communication industry. Products from both companies allow you to work more effectively while communicating easily. When you need two-way radios for your sewer and street jobs, come to MTech. We source top-quality products from the best names in the business. Our customer support team is here to help you find the right devices for your team.

Whether you want to go with CrewPlex or Sonetics headsets, having advanced communicators can help your team improve.

Enhance communication across your team with headsets for industrial applications. Find CrewPlex and Sonetics wireless communicator options below.

Sonetics Wireless Headsets

Sonetics Wireless Headsets

The primary goal of Sonetics is to offer wireless communication to help you work as a team in noisy environments such as hydro-excavating jobs and roadside construction. Their communicators offer noise canceling and dampening benefits, all of which are in your control. If you don’t want any noise, cancel it out. If you need something a little more specific, Sonetics wireless can help you reach the outside noise levels you’d prefer.

Hands-free wireless headsets from Sonetics work well for noisy above-ground environments. Sonetics communicators help you stay connected without unnecessary distractions from non-work-related noise.

Sonetics headsets can also help protect against noise damage because of their sound-dampening. You can use Bluetooth and two-way radio options, offering real-time communication to workers across your job site.

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CrewPlex Wireless Headsets

CrewPlex Wireless Headsets

CrewPlex provides hands-free intercom solutions. The communicators, headsets and receivers help your team talk to each other effectively throughout your job site. These communicators are ideal for those who do not want a central communication hub.

Your communicators pair with a headset to make personal, quiet use easy and effective. CrewPlex communication systems work well in confined spaces like sewer pipes or other applications you might have. Your team doesn’t need to push a single button to use CrewPlex communicators — start speaking whenever you need.

They have high-quality audio to make it easier to hear in any environment. CrewPlex communicators also offer two-way intercom channels so you can talk, listen and communicate better, increasing productivity and efficiency at your site. Whether you want to add listen-only devices or let everyone talk all at once, the choice is yours with flexible CrewPlex systems.

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The MTech Difference

Buying CrewPlex and Sonetics communicators from MTech offers several benefits. We have been working in the sewer industry since 1975, allowing us to source suitable products and machines for you and your team. We look for products that will help you work safely and maximize uptime.

Our experienced staff offers world-class customer service, with 24/7 service support, sales, service and training. Our partners make MTech one of the best choices for sewer teams. We help you elevate your capabilities so you can do more without the extra work. We are consultants — we talk with you, learn about your needs and recommend the right product for the job.

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