Sewer Nozzles

We feature some of the world’s best manufacturers of high-pressure nozzles for sewer applications. Our manufacturers’ products have been an industry standard for decades and continue to lead the way, promoting safety and advanced productivity for the sewer industry.

Stoneage Warthog

Warthog nozzles pioneered controlled rotation technology for optimal sewer cleaning. These nozzles use a slow, 360-degree rotation to ensure water hits the whole pipe surface without leaving stripes behind. The sprayers also have the power to clear many kinds of obstructions, from roots and organic deposits to fats and grease. Warthog nozzles are available in three lines:

  • Classic
  • Pro 
  • Magnum

The Pro and Magnum lines offer additional advantages like extended life spans, a more comprehensive pipe range and the use of recycled water. Choose nozzles to fit pipes from 2 inches to 36 inches in diameter. Warthog nozzles are the ultimate answer to cleaning roots and grease from your toughest lines.

Advanced Workhorse

Tools from Advanced Workhorse allow you to tackle most sewer, hydro excavation and storm drain clearing. The nozzles are designed with "Near Diamond Hard ceramic sleeves that accelerate water flow for a powerful blast that clears the most challenging obstacles. Some of the different nozzle solutions we offer are:

  • Everyday cleaning: These high-energy products offer cost-effective cleaning for daily tasks.
  • High pull: Rather than pushing material from ahead of the device, these force material from behind.
  • Spinning: Get a complete, 360-degree clean with high-speed spinning nozzles that remove streaks and grease inside pipes.
  • Blockage busting: These devices have an angled tip to create holes in clogs, making an opening for easier removal.
  • Bottom-cleaning: When pipes collect sediment on the bottom, these sprayers concentrate energy on the area for more effective clearing.
  • Root cutters: Pulverize roots and tough deposits that clog drains and sewers. 

Red Dawg Nozzles

As a Red Dawg Dealer, MTech is your source for these nozzles in Michigan, Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. The sister company of our popular PipeHunter sewer cleaning machines, Red Dawg has its roots in generations of sewer cleaning experts. This equipment provides a range of functionality for any sewer jetting or hydro excavation task. These products are proudly designed, built and tested in Texas, resulting in a dependable, American-made product at a price you can afford.

These sewer nozzles work for cleaning, clearing blockages, cutting through roots, blasting away grease and maintaining stormwater drains. No matter your application, we will have a solution for you.

American Sewer Parts

American Sewer Parts creates high-grade steel nozzles coated with black oxide to extend the product's life, allowing you to accomplish more jobs without buying new equipment. The manufacturer produces over 40 designs, so you can find the right fit for your job. 

Some have a sharp tip for blasting through tough buildup. Others have a more rounded design perfect for navigating offset pipes with ease. Many options also allow customization, like an optional front jet, making finding the equipment that fits your operations easier. 

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