R-Series Remote Control Slope Mowers

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R-Series Remote Control Slope Mowers for Sale and Rent

R Series Robotic Mowers are built to help you tackle the most challenging jobs, whether working on tough terrain or cutting through thick brush. MTech is your expert dealer for remote-controlled robotic mowers, and we can help you find the best model for your applications. 

R Series remote-controlled mowers are designed with extreme landscapes and steep slopes in mind. The performance of the R Series mower is unrivaled, and it can revolutionize how you do business. These mowers are built for high efficiency, mowing terrain and slopes in half the time required by traditional equipment. The R Series can help you grow your revenue while keeping your operators safe on steep and uneven terrain.

The R Series of remote-controlled slope mowers features three models to choose from:

R-Series Model R-52

The R-52 is specifically designed to handle challenging terrain and can mow slopes as steep as 50 degrees. This mower can cut brush as thick as 1.5 inches in diameter, making it a superior choice for any job. The R-52 can fit on standard landscaping trailers and has a warranty covering 400 hours or two years of mowing time.

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R Series Model R-60

The R-60 has been newly redesigned to fit on standard-sized trailers for easy transport. Like the R-52, the R-60 can climb slopes up to 50 degrees, and it offers even more capability by cutting brush up to 1.5 inches thick. This mower is slightly wider than the R-52, so you can move over more terrain in less time. The R-60 also comes with a 400-hour/two-year warranty.

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Highlights of the R Series Remote-Controlled Slope Mowers 

The R Series has undergone many changes to make it one of the best remote-controlled mowers on the market. Some of the highlights of the R Series mower include:

  • Improved first-pass yield
  • Redesigned bumper for additional protection
  • Higher ground clearance
  • Stronger bearings and cast iron spindles
  • Improved camera from more safety, visibility and clarity
  • New and enhanced soft-start clutch to lessen the load on parts

These features and more make the R Series a worthwhile investment for your business, maximizing your potential and improving turnaround times.

Safety and Efficiency Benefits of RC Mowers

The R Series offers considerable safety and efficiency improvements over other products. Remote-controlled mowers limit the risk to your operators by allowing them to handle rough terrain from a distance, letting them work with confidence. Some of the key safety and efficiency benefits of the R Series include:

  • Emergency shutdown buttons
  • Horn alert systems
  • Signal loss shutdown
  • Real-time diagnostics and information
  • Safety interlock program
  • Waterproof, commercial-grade controls
  • Low-voltage monitors
  • Remote control drop/tilt sensors

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