Trailer-Mounted Self-Contained Leaf Vacuum Debris Collectors

Benefits of Self-Contained Models

Our self-contained trailer models offer the same benefits as our other trailer systems, and their advantages include:

  • No separate components:Every piece you need for your leaf vacuum is included, so you can sidestep multiple purchases and the budget calculations that come with them.
  • Dumping capabilities: Built-in hydraulic systems make it easy to dump debris once you’ve finished your job without cranes or hoists to prepare your hopper for the next stop.
  • Larger capacities: Self-contained models can carry more debris than the largest debris collection box, so self-contained options are ideal for your applications if you have a large property to cover.

When you need to clean up leaves and debris in municipal areas and large properties, you need the right tools for the job. At MTech, you can find municipal and commercial leaf vacuum trailers for sale that fit your application. With our self-contained models, you gain a range of features that make your job easier without requiring a separate leaf box.

MTech is the exclusive dealer of Xtreme Vac by ODB in Michigan.


Our Selection of Self-Contained Models

Our self-contained leaf vacuum trailers for sale have an integrated debris collection box to create an all-in one trailer solution.



Trailer-Mounted Self-Contained Debris Collector/Leaf Vacuum

The DCL800TM units utilize a larger 87 HP Kubota gasoline engine with the option to upgrade to the John Deere 74 HP diesel engine. A larger 28-inch suction impeller and 16″ diameter hydraulic hose boom deliver impressive suction capabilities with advanced electronic controls. The gear-driven hydraulic pump allows the hopper to tilt up to 52 degrees for dumping debris.

The DCL800TM also comes with the non-standard option to upgrade to a three-way hydraulic boom with a wireless controller. This upgrade allows more boom flexibility and driver control. Ask MTech about this upgrade!

When you need a large-capacity hopper, the DCL800TM is for you. This model offers 14, 20, 25 and 30-cubic-yard hopper options for big cleanup projects. The dual Torflex axles accommodate the various hopper sizes with varying weight capacities. All sizes above 14 cubic yards come equipped with eight wheels instead of four.

The built-in radiator screen on the hopper is made from perforated steel. The box corrugation allows for better exhaust airflow to improve cooling and keep the operator safe. The 16-inch-by-100-inch hose allows for excellent reach and surface coverage in a single sweep.

The strength of these units is all in their power and mulching ability. Simply put, these units will shred and mulch better than anything else on the market.

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Trailer-Mounted Self-Contained Debris Collector/Leaf Vacuum

The DCL8027/8031 accommodates the Kawasaki 27-horsepower gas engine or a Kubota 24-horsepower diesel engine. A full engine display shows engine temperature, revolutions per minute (RPM), battery volts, oil pressure, fuel level and engine hours. The 12-inch-by-120-inch intake hose operates on an overhead manual boom assembly. Operators may choose a hydraulic boom if they prefer.

Tandem rubber Torflex axles with a combined 12,000-pound rating ensure stable navigation at varying speeds and over rugged terrains. In addition, the hopper comes with an underbody hydraulic dumping hoist that tips to 52 degrees for quick unloading.

Dual-hinged doors on the back of the 10-cubic-yard hopper are easy to open when you’re ready to dump debris. The hopper size is smaller than the DCL800TM, making it ideal for midsized cleanup projects and properties where you may have limited storage.

Two exhaust screens at the top of the hopper release exhaust fumes as the leaf vacuum runs. These screens quickly detach from the hopper for cleaning and access inside the collector.

While less powerful than our larger DCL800TM models, these machines still pack quite a punch to get the job done. With a 20-inch suction impeller, the DCL8027/8031 delivers superior suction power beyond other units of its class.

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The MTech Difference

At MTech, we provide lasting products for your street cleaning needs. With us, you gain:

  • Ongoing support: Our team is available at all hours to discuss equipment concerns over the phone.
  • On-site maintenance: The MTech maintenance team will meet you at your site to repair your leaf vacuum and save you time.
  • A dedicated partnership: At MTech, we stand by the quality of our products, and we’re prepared to collaborate with your team every step of the way. We can help you find the best equipment model for your needs to help you thrive on-site, and we’ll stay by your side for future support and products.

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At MTech, you can find OBD Xtreme Vac leaf vacs for sale that fits your project requirements. Partner with our team for quality-made equipment and long-term support. We’re the exclusive dealer of Xtreme Vac in Michigan. Contact us to learn more, get a quote or schedule a demo to see a leaf vac in action.


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