DuraMag Aluminum Truck Bodies

DuraMag Aluminum Truck Bodies

DuraMag truck bodies are made entirely from aluminum and manufactured in the United States. Aluminum bodies offer considerable advantages over traditional steel. Aluminum is a lightweight, durable material that puts less wear and tear on vehicles, improves a truck’s ride and allows for higher payloads. It’s also easier to maintain than steel, as it doesn’t rust. Since it’s lightweight, you also get better fuel mileage.

Another benefit of aluminum is that it has an attractive appearance. Your truck doubles as an advertisement for your business, and it’s essential that it looks good as it transports your equipment and tools to and from the job site.

Service Truck Bodies

Service Truck Bodies

DuraMag manufactures the strongest and most durable service truck bodies in the industry. The brand’s lightweight, rust-free service bodies offer increased payloads and fuel savings of at least 10%. Often, DuraMag service bodies last longer than the trucks they’re placed on. It’s not uncommon to move the service bodies to a second truck.

With DuraMag service bodies, you can choose premium roll-up or traditional swing doors. The service bodies are fully welded, meaning no bolts will come loose or fall out.

DuraMag service bodies come in three styles:

  • S-series:Service bodies in the S-series are built for continuous hard work. They have heavy-duty, full-length sills and swing doors. The compartments are watertight thanks to automotive bulb seals, compression latches and proprietary door extrusions. Rivet-less polymer door latches add another layer of protection.
  • R-series:The R-series models have features found in the S-series but offer roll-up doors rather than swing doors. The roll-up doors enhance the vehicle’s safety, as the operator doesn’t have to extend the doors into the street or walkway or maneuver around swinging doors.
  • Canopy body:The canopy body creates a workstation that’s fully enclosed and mobile.
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Landscape Truck Bodies

Landscape Truck Bodies

DuraMag’s landscape bodies are a best-in-class option. They feature an all-aluminum box tube construction with either a 42-inch or 48-inch headboard, with a 16-by-30-inch expanded metal window. The frame’s construction consists of heavy-duty long sills and cross members.

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Flatbed Truck Bodies

Flatbed Truck Bodies

DuraMag’s flatbed bodies allow for flexibility. You can add rack sides to keep cargo in place, hoists for dumping, toolboxes, tarps and sideboards to enclose the sides and backs. There are nearly endless possibilities, all found on a base body that will last longer than your current truck.

If you need a replacement bed, the DuraMag pickup delete provides a replacement body for damaged or rusted pickup beds. No matter your style, you’ll get form and function for an affordable price.

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Dump Truck Bodies

Dump Truck Bodies

DuraMag’s aluminum dump bodies are stronger than the typical steel dump bodies with lower maintenance requirements and increased payloads. They deliver high performance for commercial operations. The smooth side dump body is available in two options, the 2-5 dump and the 5-7 dump.

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Why DuraMag?

  • The Strongest, Most Durable Service Body in the Industry
  • All Aluminum Bodies – No Rust
  • Lightweight – Up to 50% Less than Steel
  • Reduced Truck Wear and Tear due to Aluminum Weight versus Steel
  • Increased Payload – GVW isn’t consumed with higher steel weight
  • Fuel Savings of 10% or more
  • Environmentally Responsible – Recycled, lightweight aluminum leads to lower fuel consumption in vehicle
  • Outlasts truck – frequently moved to a second vehicle
  • Fully Welded Construction – No bolts or rivets to loosen and fall out
  • Compartment Door Options – Traditional Swing or Premium Roll-Up Doors
  • Powder Coat Finish – A more durable and long lasting finish than paint
  • Shelving with Compartment Divider

Bottom Line: DuraMag builds the bodies that save you money AND make you look good.


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