Advantages and Benefits

Removing leaves from lawns can be a hassle-free endeavor with the correct equipment in your garage. Our chassis-mounted leaf collectors have several advantages over other removal methods. Some benefits include:

  • One Man Operation: Our chassis mounted leaf vacs are all designed with the intent of reducing leaf collection down to a one man operation controlled completely from the cab of the truck.
  • Faster and easier debris removal:Our vehicles merge the collection and transportation aspects of debris removal in one system so you can remove debris in fewer steps than with other methods.
  • Longer run time:With the automated three-axis hydraulic hose boom system included with each unit, the operator doesn’t have to leave their seat. As a result, there is no need for downtime to gather the debris and load the truck.
  • Greater capacity:The large dimensions of our collectors’ hoppers allow for higher storage capabilities, so you can hold more debris and make fewer trips than other models.
  • Enhanced durability:We design our products with reliability in mind, which is why our leaf collectors have powerful Kubota and John Deere engines that can outlast other models. The ODB manufacturing process shines through and the quality of these machines are second to none.

Whether you are a municipality or a landscape contractor, if you want to keep up with your leaf collection with less time and effort, MTech has the perfect equipment for your business. We understand landscaping is essential, as it creates a welcoming atmosphere and adds to buildings’ exteriors. Leaf collection is particularly critical for optimizing the efficiency of your street cleaning efforts. However, removing grass clippings, fallen leaves or other debris can be a time-intensive chore. We offer a line of chassis-mounted debris collectors to help you keep the streets and properties under your care looking spotless.

A chassis-mounted leaf vacuum is a piece of equipment attached to a truck’s frame that lifts debris from the ground using a vacuum and stores it in a steel hopper. It saves you time collecting and transporting lawn materials in an all-in-one solution as a one man operation. MTech offers several units to help contractors and municipalities clear unwanted debris with ease.

We’re the exclusive dealer for Xtreme Vac by ODB in Michigan.

Our Chassis-Mounted Leaf Vacuums

MTech Company provides several chassis-mounted DCL models to help you clean fallen leaves and other yard debris



The all new DCL1000SE is the most powerful and efficient debris and leaf collection system on the market. Our patented single engine design makes this unit the only single engine leaf vacuum truck available today. The enormous 32” fan produces an unmatched 150 HP of vacuum strength. The single engine design also comes with the added benefit of considerably lower maintenance than traditional twin engine models (only 14 collection system maintenance checkpoints vs. 36 on a traditional leaf vacuum truck).

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The DCL800SM model is our standard self-contained debris collector and matches the power and performance of our DCL800TM self-contained trailer units. The base model comes attached to a Freightliner M2 chassis with Dual-Steer capabilities. However, we can mount your leaf-collector vacuum on other chassis options as well and also offer hook lift and swap loader configurations as well. These units can come with various options, including a rotary self-cleaning air screen on the radiator or a bottom exhaust system to greatly aid in dust control.

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Our DCL500SM16 is our Non-CDL chassis-mounted option. Drivers can operate this vehicle without a commercial driver’s license, making it ideal for small municipalities and landscape contractors looking to expand their capabilities. These units will mirror the performance capabilities of our DCL8027/8031 trailer series. The vacuum comes attached to an Isuzu chassis with 215 horsepower diesel engine. It is also self-contained, so you don’t have to worry about towing anything with it. Being the first ever Non-CDL leaf vac truck in its class, this unit truly is a game-changer.


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Features of MTech’s Chassis-Mounted Leaf Collectors

At MTech, we design our chassis-mounted debris collectors to simplify the process of tidying properties. The units we offer differ in some aspects, but several features are applicable across all of them. When your business chooses one of our vehicles, you can expect it to come with:

  • A truck: We pre-mount the appropriate equipment on a truck chassis — you will not have to worry about assembly.
  • An auxiliary engine: Our collectors each come with an auxiliary engine to ensure the equipment has the necessary power.
  • vac system: Each unit has a hydraulic vacuum system for effective debris removal, including a hydraulic hose boom the operator can use from inside the truck.
  • A hopper: Our vehicles include large-capacity hoppers for increased storage capabilities.
  • Standard paint: Our equipment arrives with PPG paint in shades of white, black and grey (custom color options available)

Your company can also select various options based on individual needs and preferences. These selections include:

  • Fluid drive coupler
  • Rear door LED traffic light bar
  • LED front bumper strobes
  • Bottom exhaust dust suppression system


Why MTech?

For decades, MTech has been committed to providing reliable, long-lasting sewer, street and safety equipment in the Ohio and Michigan areas. From sewer inspection cameras to street sweepers and vacuum trucks, our products can help you meet your goals and avoid downtime with a wide array of robust and efficient machinery.

In addition to sales, we also have the resources to help you make the most of your equipment. Superior services from our MTech shop in Cleveland, Ohio, plus training courses for continuing education requirements under many state jurisdictions.

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At MTech, you can find the proper equipment to remove debris from properties, whether you are searching for products for contracting or municipal reasons. MTech is the exclusive dealer for Xtreme Vac in Michigan. Our chassis-mounted leaf vacuums can meet your expectations with their various features and benefits. Contact MTech today to receive a quote, schedule a demo or get more information!

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