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SuperJet® Truck Mounted Sewer Jetter for Sale and Rent

Clear clogged lines with confidence knowing the SuperJet® Truck Mounted Sewer Jetter has your back. This high-powered truck is the go-to choice for countless contractors and municipalities across the region. Super Products has grown from a small manufacturing organization into an industry titan, known for developing advanced equipment that streamlines workflow and optimizes safety. 

SuperJet® Series

This high-powered truck is built with the industry’s most powerful and fluid single-piston water pump to support your sewer line maintenance workflow, capable of pumping up to 100 gallons per minute. You can rotate its 1,000-foot sewer hose 200 degrees to ensure your workers remain out of harm’s way when working on the side of the road. 

  • Great for when municipal and residential sewer cleaning only requires jetting debrisand not vacuuming
  • The industry’s strongest and smoothest single piston water pump
  • Water tanks are rotationally molded polyethylene in a modular design that accommodates a range of water capacities
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Features of the SuperJet®

The SuperJet® Mounted Jetter was designed to be one of the industry’s most powerful machines to blast debris and clear tough blockages with ease. This model is built with an innovative, single engine design that decreases your overall fuel consumption and makes maintenance a breeze. The outer shell of this work truck is built from a high-strength aluminum material responsible for protecting its water pump, hydraulic reservoir and the hose reel. 

Reliable performance is within this truck’s DNA. Its single piston, hydraulically powered water pump operates at rates up to 100 gallons per minute with 3,000 psi. This truck comes equipped with water tanks capable of holding between 1,080 and 3,240 gallons that can be filled from either side for extra convenience. When it’s time to get to work, you’ll enjoy a 1,000-foot hose that rotates 200 degrees and a user-friendly control panel to easily adjust settings like water pressure. 

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This machine offers unrivaled performance capabilities to keep your projects productive while protecting your operators from traffic and other hazards. 

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