RC Slope Mowers

Wisconsin-based RC Mowers supplies high-quality, safe and efficient remote-controlled slope mowers for cutting through grass and brush on uneven landscapes. They're a must-have for golf courses and universities, as well as any business with lots of land to manage.

RC Mowers Tracked Mowers

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View the TK-52XP in action and witness the full range of capabilities from Tracked Remote Control Slope Mowers. Capable of clearing slopes up to 50 degrees.

Why Use a Slope Mower?

Remote-controlled slope mowers offer several advantages over their ride-mower counterparts:

  • They reduce risk. If you're going up a steep incline, the risk of a rollover increases along with your angle. Safety authorities like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the National Park Service (NPS) have approved remote-controlled mowers for slopes over 22 degrees — though RC Mowers can go up to 50 degrees.
  • They are built for the job. While regular mowers are designed for flat ground, manufacturers create RC mowers with slopes in mind. RC mowers are built for commercial applications and high levels of productivity.
  • They are easy to control. With easy-to-use remote controls, operation is simple. You can control the mower from up to 1,000 feet away.

Some of the primary users of sidehill mowers are golf course management teams. Keeping the course neat and well-groomed is critical to gameplay, not to mention it is more visually pleasing for players and guests. And if a course has a club or hosts events, it has even more reason to focus on appearance.

The layout of a golf course or other wide-sprawling landscape, such as a university campus or apartment complex, is usually filled with hills and valleys, making it tough for standard mowers to reach where they need to go. That's where slope mowers come in. They can easily traverse these landscapes and get close cuts at high speeds.

The MTech Difference

When you buy a slope mower from MTech, you get 24/7 support and on-site service from our expert technicians. We're proud to be your exclusive RC Mowers dealer throughout Ohio, Indiana and most of Michigan. Whatever your needs are, we have remote control slope mowers for sale to get the job done.

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