Arbortech Forestry Trucks

Arbortech chip body trucks are designed with the unique needs of professional tree care in mind. The trucks feature smooth sides, a large capacity and multiple options, allowing you to tackle the biggest jobs while transporting the equipment you need. MTech is pleased to help you elevate your business by offering Arbortech Forestry trucks in several models. As an authorized dealer for Arbortech, we can help you customize a truck that meets your specific needs.

Four Great Models – Countless Configurations

Fixed Roof Chip Bodies

Arbortech’s fixed roof chip body trucks are created for basic professional tree care but can be customized to meet more specific needs. The steel service truck bodies feature a smooth-sided design that can be wrapped to promote your business.

The trucks have a heavy-gauge galvanneal steel construction that’s rust-resistant. The body is cleaned with a chemical wash, which etches the steel before the primer is applied, creating a durable finish. An undercoating beneath the truck’s floor and toolboxes increases durability.

While the standard color for the fixed roof chip body trucks is white, chassis paint color matching is available to further customize your vehicles.

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Skybox Retractable Roof Chip Bodies

Arbortech’s Skybox chip body features a retractable roof that opens and closes easily without the need for additional tools. One person can quickly open or close the roof. The retractable roof allows you to chip trees and load landscaping material into the truck body from above. The roof panels are held in place by spring-loaded pins.

Like Arbortech’s fixed roof chip body trucks, the Skybox features smooth side panels, which allow you to display your company’s name and logo. There’s plenty of storage space in the service body, plus the option of an electric or hydraulic double-acting hoist or a fully hydraulic double-acting hoist.

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Removable Roof Chip Bodies

Removable roof chip bodies from Arbortech readily convert from a chip truck to a dump truck. You can remove part or all of the roof to transport trees and shrubs to be planted.

The truck bodies feature underbody steel toolboxes with security bars, concealed hinges and three-point latching. The beds are lined with coal tar epoxy, which protects against the chips’ acidity and inhibits corrosion and abrasion.

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Aerial Forestry Chip Bodies

Arbortech’s aerial forestry chip bodies feature the heavy-duty construction found in the fixed roof and removable roof models, with the addition of aerial devices that can reach up to 75 feet.

Underbody toolboxes have plenty of space for storage. The toolboxes have concealed hinges and security bars with locks for extra security.

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Why Arbortech Forestry

ARBORTECH forestry chip bodies are built to ‘change the scene’ people see during and after your professional tree care jobs. The branded sheen of your smooth-sided truck doubles as a mobile billboard to advertise who you are to future customers. The large capacity cavity of ARBORTECH chip bodies combined with a variety of tailgate, roof, lift, and towing options provide the optimal toolset to handle big foliage removal jobs, as well as, transport other landscaping materials. And, the best part is we can quickly build you the chip body you want if one of our pre-built options.

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The Arbortech truck bodies available from MTech allow you to maximize your vehicles and take your tree care business to the next level. Whether you need a truck body with a fixed roof, removable roof or aerial device, we can help you choose the model that meets your needs and elevates your business.

Schedule a demo to see for yourself how Arbortech’s truck bodies can increase efficiency and business operations. You can also contact us for a quote to learn more.

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