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Manhole Sewer Inspection Systems

At MTech, we supply a wide range of Cues manhole inspection systems, including stand-alone and vehicle-mounted camera systems.


Cues QZ3 Wireless Zoom Pole Camera

With its single-person operation, the QZ3 wireless zoom pole camera provides safe viewing with person-less entry in environmental or industrial areas. Use it to inspect manholes, pipelines, wells, tanks, steam wells, vessels and other hard-to-reach areas. It is ideal for locating blockages in manholes, access ports and other entry points without entering the line or structure.

The unit can be handheld or mounted on an adjustable, lightweight carbon fiber pole. The QZ3 can extend up to 24′ with an optional 34′ pole available for detailed views of breaks, cracks, scale and other defects.

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Cues SPiDER Manhole Scanner

The SPiDER is a lightweight wireless manhole scanner weighing less than 30 pounds so it can be hand-carried to sites that are difficult to access. It is operated with an easy-to-use tablet that controls the scanner’s lights and camera and can connect wirelessly. The Cues SPiDER offers 3D color point cloud capabilities for enhanced visuals of the inside of the manhole and highly accurate measurement capabilities. It also provides live video with 190-degree field-of-view capabilities that make it the perfect tool for I&I studies. The SPiDER is the pinnacle of manhole inspection technology.

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Cues DUC for Manhole Inspection

This digital universal inspection camera (DUC) is a side-scanning, high-resolution digital CCTV camera designed to provide a fast and detailed assessment of the condition of your wastewater system. When used with Cues GraniteNet software, the system can inspect and assess more than 50 manholes per day. A complete condition assessment for a 400′ pipe segment takes less than 15 minutes with this advanced system. Other key benefits of the DUC system include live video capabilities and operation costs per foot reduced by more than 50%. This camera is versatile enough to take care of all of your mainline and manhole inspection needs.

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Cues ZOOMX II Manhole Camera

The ZOOMX II manhole camera provides unparalleled imaging technology with a 25:1 optical zoom. The zoom is controlled remotely using a telescopic boom for picture clarity in up to 300′ deep. The base unit consists of a camera, controller, boom, mast and lighting and is designed for swift identification of defects and issues within manholes and pipes. It also enables you to comply with GASB34 and CMOM requirements. This unit is ideal for performing mainline inspections simultaneously with your manhole inspections.

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Cues Manhole Inspection Vehicles

Cues Manhole Inspection Vehicles (MIV) are compatible with any Cues manhole camera and feature interchangeable mounting brackets. Cues MIV are the only vehicles in the industry that can scan and inspect a wide variety of structures, including:

  • Storm and sanitary pipelines of 6″ to 120″ in diameter
  • Vaults
  • Lift stations
  • Outfalls
  • Gravity interceptor pipelines
  • Storm and sanitary manholes up to 50′ deep
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Cues CompaK2 Portable Manhole System

The CompaK2 is a lightweight and compact system that can be mounted on a trailer, pick-up truck, van or ATV. The system consists of a tripod, reel and control box, and it has a versatile CCTV inspection system that is fully enclosed for maximum protection. The system is interchangeable with other Cues manhole cameras, and the entire unit is easy to access, service and maintain.

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Where We Serve

Cleveland-based MTech is proud to be the exclusive dealer for Cues lateral inspection systems in Ohio and Michigan. Our team is pleased to also represent Cues products in the following Western Pennsylvania counties:

Allegheny | Armstrong | Beaver | Butler | Cambria | Clarion | Clearfield | Crawford | Elk | Erie | Fayette | Forest | Green | Indiana | Jefferson | Lawrence | McKean | Mercer | Somerset | Venango | Warren | Washington | Westmoreland

Our on-site service model enables us to provide the prompt, attentive service you demand and deserve. Our familiarity with your business also allows us to recognize the unique sewer inspection challenges you face and how to overcome them with the right equipment. Trust the experts for equipment you can trust and service that elevates your experience.

The Advantages of Working With MTech

When you choose MTech as your Cues lateral sewer inspection system provider, you get the following benefits:

  • Industry expertise: MTech has been offering industry-best sewer inspection equipment since 1975. Our extensive knowledge and experience enable us to recommend the right products for every customer, regardless of application or operating environment.
  • Quality products and services: We understand the importance of using reliable equipment you can trust to get the job done. Because we partner with Cues and other reputable manufacturers, you can feel confident that any product you acquire from us will increase productivity, minimize downtime and help you accomplish specialized tasks.
  • Customer support: We back every product with excellent service to maximize your user experience. You can reach our sales and service experts 24/7 if you have a question or need assistance. We’re also available to provide on-site service when needed — we strive to be there within 24 to 48 hours. We even offer training to ensure your crews can operate the equipment productively and safely.

Schedule a Demo for Cues Lateral Sewer Inspection Systems

Whether you need a crossbore inspection camera or push camera, turn to MTech for Cues lateral and mainline inspection systems. In addition to high-quality Cues products, we provide fast and thorough on-site service for your support and delivery needs.

To find out more or schedule a demo, contact us today. We offer demos throughout Ohio, Michigan and Western PA including Pittsburgh!

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