GapVax Products

About GapVax

In 1989 GapVax was born to design and manufacture the highest quality equipment that would meet and exceed the needs and applications of the customer. GapVax has grown to be the leading manufacturer of industrial vacuum equipment through innovation and application. With the team of highly skilled and dedicated workers in Johnstown, PA, GapVax manufactures the highest quality, lowest price products of anywhere else in the world. We listen…and we deliver!

MC Series Traditional Combination JetVac

MC Series G2x Next Generation Combination JetVac

VHE Series Wet Only Hydro-Excavator

GJet Jetter Truck

Water Recycling JetVac

HV57 Wet/Dry Vacuum Truck

HV56 Wet/Dry Hydro-Excavator

HV55 Wet/Dry Hydro-Excavator

HV33 Wet/Dry HydroVax