RKI Gas Detection

RKI Instruments is an innovative gas detection company providing unmatched quality and experience for your safety products. RKI claims their detectors are the last ones you'll need to purchase as long as you maintain them properly. These gas monitors are also suitable for many industries, including oil, wastewater, construction and utilities. Top executives in the company bring over 180 years of combined experience to provide the best products and services. 

MTech offers a wide range of RKI gas detectors to choose from to meet your specific needs.

RKI GX-2009

This monitor simultaneously detects four gases — CH4, O2, NO2 and CO or CH4, O2, H2S and CO. It is a small, lightweight gas detector, making it convenient to carry and use even in the most confined areas. The device also has LED and sound alarms, making it easier for users to detect problems even in high-noise environments. 


RKI's GX-3R is the smallest and lighetst four gas monitor in the world. This small package is matched only by it's small price point making it an affordable monitor for all. The standard four-gas detector monitors are LEL, H2S, O2 and CO. Workers can use the convenient clip to attach the device to their lapel to comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations requiring sampling air within the breathing zone. The gas monitor also offers a simple, two-button operation that can be used with gloves, making it easy for operators to control the device. Add in a complete three year warranty and you get the perfect four gas air monitor.


This improved version of the GX-3R monitors five gases simultaneously, and you can adapt which gases you monitor with optional add-ons for up to 10 different gases. All sensor slots are easily interchangeable in the field. The device also includes Bluetooth communication capabilities to connect with an iOS or Android monitoring app for checking gas levels even when away from the monitor. Safety directors will love this unit for its built-in technology allowing for field monitoring and reporting as well as critical safety alerts sent directly to their email.

RKI GX-2012

This tool offers three capabilities in one, with Normal, Leak Check and Bar Hole modes. These options make the RKI GX-2012 suitable for various applications, from confined space monitoring to leak investigation or underground leak checking. Users can also add an optional thermal conductivity sensor for measuring methane volume during line purge tests. 

RKI GX-6000

With the RKI GX-6000, users can monitor up to six gases simultaneously. The device also includes two interchangeable smart sensor slots to add capabilities for other gas monitoring types. This feature provides the flexibility to adapt the equipment to your needs. The instrument also has a rugged design with a tough case and removable rubber boot, allowing users to monitor gas levels in the most challenging environments. 

RKI Eagle 2

This device is a portable gas monitor that detects four enclosed space gases and can be adapted to monitor up to six. The RKI Eagle 2 has three modes for a wide range of uses. It also has a sample-drawing pump to detect gases up to 125 feet away. The device has a large handle and four easily accessible buttons, making it convenient to hold and operate, even in the field. 

RKI Fixed Systems

Beyond the many available portable gas monitoring tools, you can find many RKI fixed systems for monitoring gas levels in particular areas. Users can integrate controllers, direct connect systems, transmitters and alarm relays or exhaust systems to create a comprehensive gas protection solution. MTech offers on-site fixed system assessments and installations.

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