Maintainer Truck Bodies

MTech is proud to represent the Maintainer truck body brand. Maintainer is one of the world's largest manufacturers of extendable boom cranes and custom service truck bodies. The quality is second to none, and everything we do is completely customizable and made-to-order, so you can be confident that it does exactly what you need it to. Maintainer is the definition of premium quality.

Click on the video above to view an in-depth walkthrough of a 2019 Maintainer Service Truck.

Maintainer Crane Trucks and Service Truck Bodies

Nearly all of the Maintainer truck bodies that we carry can adopt Maintainer cranes. That means we have a wide array of Maintainer crane trucks for sale that are fully customized to your needs.

There are a few different types of truck bodies that we work with, including:

  • Service trucks: Service trucks from Maintainer are versatile and long-lasting, with a wide array of customization options. We have one-ton and two-ton premium bodies, built with A60 galvannealed material for strength and corrosion resistance. Both have stabilization and safety at the forefront of their design. Optional features might include a pressurized storage system, LED lighting and a heavy-duty workbench.
  • Sign trucks: A Maintainer sign truck is complete with a traffic warning light system, durable materials and hydraulic catwalks. It can accommodate air compressor units, a pressurized storage system and varying welder models. Some available attachments include hydraulic augers, post-pounders and lift gates to make everyday tasks like sign installation a snap.
  • Propane trucks: Maintainer propane trucks are a little more specialized, so your selection of cranes isn't as expansive and maxes out at 6,500 lbs. However, they are filled with features to boost your productivity, like space for trencher storage and two 500-gallon tanks. Some features, like tank cradles, exterior floodlighting, roll-out block storage and thick chock storage, are optional.
  • Lube trucks: These two-ton lube trucks can support a wide variety of custom configurations. They can hold several different types of fluids, oils and other materials as well as a crane for a two-in-one solution.

Whichever truck body is best for you, our short and tall tower cranes can help you accomplish more. Cranes range from ratings of 2,000-14,000-lbs. with horizontal reaches up to 34 feet. Many cranes can be installed curb-side or street-side and work with proportional wireless remote controls so that the operator can maintain a safe distance.

Standard safety features include safety decals that meet requirements and recommendations from the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCC) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

If you don't need a crane, most of these vehicles are available without them.

Mobile Lube Skids

Sometimes a lube truck is too much for your needs. In addition to lube trucks without cranes, we also have Maintainer lube skids for sale. They get the same level of quality as their truck counterparts but are self-contained with a variety of transportation options such as forklift pockets, tie-downs and lifting rings. You can place a lube skid in the back of a truck and haul it around without the need for a dedicated machine.

Maintainer Trucks From MTech

As your exclusive Maintainer truck dealer in Ohio and Michigan, we are proud to provide quality machinery that elevates your work.

To learn more about Maintainer trucks and to talk customization options, reach out to us today.