Trailer-Mounted Tow-Behind Debris Collectors/Leaf Vacuums

Leaves, trimmings and other debris make up a significant portion of lawn work. Cleanup crews are responsible for keeping streets and sidewalks clean for residents and patrons in neighborhoods and large private properties. Having the right tools can improve productivity and help teams achieve their cleaning goals.

At MTech, our selection of vacuum leaf loaders supports easy cleaning with advanced hydraulics and durable trailer hookups. Explore our full line of leaf vacuum trailers and debris boxes to find the best one for your applications.

We’re the exclusive dealer of Xtreme Vac by ODB in Michigan.

Benefits of Trailer-Mounted Debris Collectors

Leaf vacuum trailers make it easy to clean up leaves, trimmings and other debris in seconds. Designed for large-scale cleanup, these machines are ideal for municipal applications or clearing large private properties like airports and universities. With a leaf vacuum trailer, you can:

  • Increase efficiency: Handling cleanup manually can take hours, causing you to fall behind schedule. Vacuum leaf loaders suck up leaves in seconds, helping your team achieve more in less time.
  • Minimize repairs: Handheld leaf vacuums and other cleaning tools offer less durability than a high-performance vacuum lead loader. Made with the finest materials and lasting construction, leaf vacuum trailers are in it for the long haul.
  • Reduce worker strain: If you count on a team to clean up leaves and other debris, they may do so manually or with a small handheld vacuum. This work can be taxing and cause workers to slow down or hurt themselves on the job. Tow-behind leaf vacuum trailers eliminate strain for a safer, more energized workforce.
  • Improve profitability: With a faster cleaning process, fewer repair expenses and a more efficient team, your company can take on more work and earn more profits. Increased profitability means more significant success.

Tow-Behind Leaf Vacuum Trailers and Debris Collectors From MTech

MTech’s selection of leaf vacuum trailers offers various specifications for power and efficiency. Explore our full selection of trailer-mounted tow-behind leaf vacuums to support your company’s work.



Trailer Mounted Tow Behind Debris Collector/Leaf Vacuum

The LCT600 uses a Kubota 87 HP gasoline engine to deliver superior suction power (an optional John Deere diesel upgrade is also available for all units). As a model with the best suction of its class, it can turn hours of cleanup into minutes. A 28-inch impeller supports high-performance suction, and a 16-inch diameter hose covers large surface areas for effective cleaning. The hose reaches 120 inches to improve coverage from a single location.

Electronic engine controls come with a built-in safety shut-off, and the 1/4-inch trailer deck with channel members supports a secure connection to your truck. With modification options like wireless boom controls and remote electric engine throttle, you can personalize the LCT600 to your needs.

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Trailer Mounted Tow Behind Debris Collector/Leaf Vacuum

The LCT450 also uses the Kubota 87 HP gasoline engine. The 28-inch suction impeller and hydraulic hose boom allow operators to vacuum debris in large areas with impressive speed. A durable trailer attachment ensures a secure connection to your truck, while user-friendly electronic engine controls include a safety shut-off.

Compared to the LCT600, the LCT450 offers the same powerful features with more concrete user options. Rather than advanced customization, the LCT450 provides basic modifications for improved performance in any application. The LCT450 also providers users with an easier change over to re-configure the machine to vac from the other side.

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Trailer Mounted Tow Behind Debris Collector/Leaf Vacuum

The LCT650 supports many of the same features as the 600 and 450, but uses a powerful John Deere 74 HP engine and 16-inch diameter hydraulic hose deliver superior suction abilities. Tandem rubber Torflex axles set the LCT650 leaf vacuum trailer apart.

A dual axle configuration ensures stability at high speeds and over rugged terrain. Less prone to bouncing and swaying than single axle trailers, the LCT 650 gives operators advanced control for precision debris cleanup. The integrated EZ lube hubs ensure constant greasing as the trailer operates to improve function with reduced mess.

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Trailer Mounted Tow Behind Debris Collector/Leaf Vacuum

The LCT6000 uses a John Deere diesel engine with a 99-horsepower rating. A 38-inch suction impeller improves the flow rate of air for faster, more powerful suction abilities. The hydraulic hose boom and electronic engine instruments give operators the control they need to clear leaves and debris with ease.

A 1/4-inch trailer deck with channel members ensures a durable connection to your truck, and the 44-gallon ethylene fuel tank allows the trailer to put in extensive work before refilling. With customization options, you can modify your LCT6000 according to your needs.

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Customizable Debris Box Containers

The LCB500 customizable debris box containers are necessary for any of our vacuum leaf loaders (or you can provide your own). These boxes are made of durable 12-gauge steel with angle frame supports for longevity, and heavy-duty hinges with 3/4-inch pins can withstand repeated emptying during the largest projects. The door also comes with a flexible rubber gasket and hose support for the exhaust hose and optional chipper door.

Top screens ensure the box stays ventilated as you operate, and the smooth interior guarantees smooth dumping action regardless of the debris inside. The box is 72 inches high and 77 inches wide. It’s available in 12-inch increment lengths, ranging from 8 feet to 16 feet.

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The MTech Difference

At MTech, our municipal leaf vacuums are made from premium materials with built-to-last designs. When you buy from us, we work to identify your unique operational needs to find the ideal trailer model for your usage.

We continue to support you long after your purchase. With 24/7 onsite service, we respond to your maintenance and repair needs as soon as possible. Our technicians provide thorough service to ensure the longevity of your equipment. Our extensive support network of manufacturers ensures you receive the most reliable equipment possible. MTech is a true partner in your municipal cleanup requirements.

Schedule a Demo for a Municipal Leaf Vacuum

MTech’s stock of vacuum leaf loaders supports cleanup needs of all sizes. We’ll work with you to find the appropriate model for your uses, and you can continue to count on us to fulfill your service needs after your purchase. We’re the exclusive dealer for Xtreme Vac by ODB in Michigan. Get in touch with us to learn more, get a quote or schedule a demo.

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